Polls show people want Ron Paul to lead the Revolution (video)

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After 30,000+ votes, Ron Paul BLOWS away EVERYONE in CNN’s post-debate polls. Look at these numbers!


Vote in these after Rep debate polls

All of Ron Paul’s replies at YouTube Debate (video)

McCain blames Rise of Hitler on Ron Paul By Juan Cole

YouTube Rep Debate (videos) + Who Won the Debate Poll?

After the Rep Debate: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell + Ron Paul VP Question (videos)

Debate: Ron Paul & John McCain Get Into It On The War (video)

5 thoughts on “Polls show people want Ron Paul to lead the Revolution (video)

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  3. CNN. is undeserving of our thanks for the opportunity to vote, they had no choice, they had to include him. Ron Paul won, not because he was allowed to argue his stand but because we the people , know what he stands for and we the people, his people, are watching and voting and growing in number.

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  5. Lo,
    I think the message is catching on,
    the one about personal Freedom,
    smaller Govt.,
    Less Interventionism,
    and Policing the World @ “our” childrens expense.

    I believe that should the good Dr. win, we will go threw a short withdrawl period, but its a better outcome that the one that has been planned for my/our children, after-all, I am an Adult.
    Do I feel for the money junkies? NO !, They should suffer along with the rest of U’s, and I’s.

    Peace is what “we” want, War is what they want.
    Vote for a Future, not for death.

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