AIDS Strikes More Kids and Some Have the Gall to Ask Why by The Other Katherine Harris

The Other Katherine Harris

by The Other Katherine Harris

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Dec. 1, 2007

An unidentified idiot writing for Yahoo’s “HealthDay News” stated yesterday:

“…(O)n the eve of World AIDS Day, a disturbing statistical fact has emerged in this country: The number of newly infected teens and young adults is suddenly on the rise.

And the question is, why?…”

Well, duh.

Boys and girls, can you say “abstinence-only education”?

The stupid author of this stupid article couldn’t. Not once does the phrase appear, amid a lengthy spate of speculative drivel that mainly lays the blame on better treatments that instilled a sense of security, alongside the tired “kids think they’re invincible” maxim.

Despite quoting an expert who said that “they’ve all heard ‘use a condom, use a condom,’ ” the stupid author of this stupid article evidently never bothered asking the source, “How can you be so sure?”

The stupid author of this stupid article went on to argue against complacency, as stupidly as possible, based on the specter that “someday, HIV…will develop mutations that render these drugs useless, triggering the re-emergence of AIDS.”

Setting aside the lunacy of implicitly suggesting AIDS has submerged to some level from which re-emergence is conceivable, it doesn’t require new strains of the disease to render extant treatments ineffective! Patients constantly develop resistance to the drugs they’re taking. The lucky ones move on to something different — knowing it, too, will wear out its usefulness soon — while those for whom there’s nothing effective left in the pharma-arsenal decline and die. An elaborate test is given periodically to determine which drugs can still help each individual, because responses vary greatly.

Somehow the stupid author of this stupid article managed nowhere to uncover these facts, despite interviewing executives at the Foundation for AIDS Research and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Community Center, both in New York City, plus REACH LA in Los Angeles.

We can’t blame the stupid author of this stupid article for the fact that it opens with a photograph of a giant red AIDS ribbon hanging from the White House North Portico — the same pic shown HERE, with a story in which stupid Shrub congratulates himself and stupid “faith-based groups” for their valuable work in this field.

However, the stupid author bears full blame for concluding the stupid article with what’s essentially a shrug — another quote from the “they’ve all heard about condoms” person: “You can save some, but you can’t save them all.”

We sure as hell could save a lot of more of them, if our stupid excuse-for-a-government would stop funding lying programs that tell kids condoms aren’t reliable enough to trust and if our stupid excuse-for-news-media would publicize the truth that people are still dying of AIDS every day, because the new drugs — wonderful as they are for a while — don’t keep people going indefinitely. That’s why researchers struggle on to develop more drugs. Twice, breakthroughs have been made just in time to benefit a loved one who’s been trying to survive this horrible disease for a dozen years. So that’s how I know (and why reading junk about AIDS puts me into a cold fury).

Please tell all the young people in your life that AIDS hasn’t become a “manageable” disease like diabetes. It seems manageable only because new tricks keep springing from researchers’ sleeves, and only for those who can get them before it’s too late. And, yeah, tell the kids to use condoms, too, because they’ve probably heard in school that those aren’t much good.


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