Kucinich/Paul Ticket: A Fatal Error by Katherine Hollyday

by Katherine Hollyday
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad

I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again, because it seems to be coming up A LOT suddenly–even more than usual.  Both Kucinich and Paul supporters keep suggesting it, and they keep pestering Dennis with questions about it…and I’ve seen tons and tons of posts about it all over the internet for months now…  Enough is enough!

A Kucinich/Paul ticket is a HORRIBLE idea.

Yes, they do agree on some points, but their basic philosophy is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE.

Ron Paul is a LIBERTARIAN in republican clothing.  Libertarians are basically SELFISH, GREEDY people who fundamentally ONLY care about preserving THEIR OWN rights and freedoms, EVERYONE ELSE BE DAMNED.  The only reason they support constitutionalist thinking is that it preserves THEIR OWN rights, not because it really protects anyone else.

Libertarians don’t want to pay taxes because they don’t want to be forced to support social programs, because they don’t want to part with what they believe to be their “hard-earned” money, and then have it given to people they don’t like, or feel are unworthy.

Libertarians don’t understand, or won’t admit, that a civil society is what enables them to be prosperous.  Maintaining a civil society is a group effort, and is a necessary prerequisite to personal prosperity, and required to live in peace.  We must lift up the ENTIRE SOCIETY, and we must ALL contribute–BECAUSE WE ALL BENEFIT FROM IT.  Desperation caused by poverty is what causes violence and crimes, and results in the oppression and violence we see in countries like Rwanda and Darfur.  Heck, its what causes most crimes and violence. We have relative peace in the United States BECAUSE WE DO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN with all the social programs that Libertarians hate so much, and want to abolish.  The Canadians have dramatically less violence BECAUSE THEY DO IT BETTER–THEY HAVE UNIVERSAL NOT FOR PROFIT HEALTH CARE.

The Libertarian point of view that social programs should be privatized under the umbrella of private charities, is a SCAM.  Most social programs are run by religious groups.  This very fact UNDERMINES FREEDOM OF RELIGION, because that forces the poor to grovel before these churches, and have religious dogma shoved down their throats, for fear of being denied access to aid, or having their benefits reduced.

Privatized charities are NEVER going to offer the needy any form of AUTONOMY.  The services they provide will be very limited to things like basic meals (Forget about getting things like organic food, or high quality meals.  Charities are always trying to stretch a buck, and generally opt for the cheapest, lowest quality foods, and probably won’t offer quality food options for special dietary needs like vegetarians, vegans, food sensitivities, life-threatening food allergies, diabetics, cancer, macrobiotics, etc.), very basic second hand clothing, used and abused household goods, and slums and flop houses for shelter.

It’s very doubtful that they would provide a cash stipend the way Welfare programs do to pay basic bills, and provide any kind of choice, autonomy or dignity.  A privatized system wouldn’t allow people to live where they wanted to live.  A privatized charity system would make the poor feel like they are constantly under siege, and at the mercy of the whims of the organization that they get help from, and it’s just plain WRONG.

Furthermore, the average person probably wouldn’t donate very much.  It’s the ULTRA RICH OLIGARCHY that would be really funding these programs–THE SAME FOLKS WHO BRING US THINGS LIKE FAUX NEWS, BIASED REPORTING, AND WAR-MONGERING MEDIA, so if a particular charity organization or  program opposed their policies, or belief system, they could readily withdraw their support, so these private charity organizations would be forced to comply with the agenda of the elites who give them funds.

The ECONOMIC POLICIES of Libertarians are diametrically opposite to the liberal/progressive philosophy.  Libertarians are laissez-faire capitalists, and don’t really believe in things like government regulation.  They probably LOVE NAFTA and the WTO.  They aren’t for WORKERS RIGHTS…they want to be FREE to rape and pillage our economy and take advantage of consumers as best they can, without inteference from the government.  Let the market decide… after it’s too late, mind you, and millions have already been harmed.

We’ll NEVER get universal, not-for-profit healthcare with Libertarians in power.  They don’t believe healthcare is a fundamental right.  It’s everyone for themselves in their view.


FURTHERMORE, with a Kucinich/Paul administration, Dennis would be under the constant threat of ASSASSINATION.

What more motive could there be for the corporatist oligarachy to assassinate the President, if not to get back in control so they can gut our social programs, and make the work force so desperate and maliable that they will work for nothing, and sell their souls for a basic subsistance wage.

DENNIS, IF YOU’RE LISTENING, PLEASE DON’T DO IT.  DON’T EVEN CONSIDER RON PAUL AS A RUNNING MATE. He may seem like a nice guy, but your core policies and personal values are in serious conflict, and it won’t be good for America.  AND, you will be putting your life in danger.



P.S.  Don’t forget, you will also be setting Ron Paul up as the next president after you, assuming you do survive two terms in office.  And he will likely UNDO EVERYTHING YOU WILL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IN PUTTING SOCIAL PROGRAMS IN PLACE.


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17 thoughts on “Kucinich/Paul Ticket: A Fatal Error by Katherine Hollyday

  1. you know what seems even more selfish to me?

    bankrupting our economy even further so that *no one* has any purchasing power any longer and we all become totally dependent on whatever loot the federal government can scrape up through mercantilistic overseas wars, inflation of the money supply and/or 60%-90% income taxes, with all the inevitable rules and regulations that will turn our already orwelian society into a full-on surveillance society nightmare (which is almost always necessary to achieve your perfect egalitarian society–you need a federal police force on par with FDR’s roving NIRA officers to enforce the cartel codes and make sure tailors aren’t selling braws for too cheap and the farmers are destroying their crops to raise prices while people starve in the streets–for the “common good” of course).

    think about it: already, medicare and medicaid will consume nearly all of our budget within the next couple of years–especially with the baby boomers retiring and forcing my generation, the shrinking work force, to pay for their luxury. and you want to expand this to everyone? how selfish of you people.

    the only way we can be truly charitable is to have an economy based on *saving* and *investment*, not the kind of spendthrift inflationary keynesian welfare state nightmare that always forces the *next* generation to pay its bills and always come up short, with the debt noose getting tighter and tighter every new work force…then when we are producing goods with intrinsic value that everyone needs and everyone can afford, we will have the surplus necessary for a more equitable distribution of the wealth.

    there is no reason why religious organizations should have a monopoly on humanitarian efforts. if this is the case, it is only because the secular “humanitarians” among us are a little too complacent with their coercive nonviable bankrupt welfare state and need to spend a little bit more time getting involved in outreach in their local communities. it is always easier to do good with other people’s money using bureaucrats who have their own vested interests to worry about strangers you don’t even know. try going to a fucking shelter for once instead of being so falsely self-righteous–take a page from the history of *this* libertarian who is investing his own money to be a part of the international student volunteers and SHOVE IT.

    as things are now, we are going bankrupt. and if you keep on pushing your propaganda, NO ONE will have a future. period.

    and don’t you get it? with ron paul in office enough money would be returned to the local level for you “progressives” to pass all the reforms you want in your home state. and all the sensible people who have studied economics and history will move out of those states and watch their economies tank while all the poor people with no purchasing power will eventually move to our states and partake in the prosperity, industry and charity that *true* libertarian ideals create.

    what could be a better compromise then this? do you have faith in democracy or not? or would you like to force your system by a national mandate on whole swaths of the population that don’t agree with your petty selfish utopian visions of the future…doesn’t sound very democratic to me.

    get real.


  2. I found this article to be pure diarrhea of the mouth. Totally inaccurate and irresponsible. Ron Paul has openly condemed NAFTA, amoung lots of these other things you’ve implied he supports. Last I checked he is registered Republican and has served as a Republican for many years. Check his voting record before you go off on a nonsense tangent. Google “political policies of Ron Paul” The only reason he is in danger of being assinated is because of his straight talk about the Federal Reserve and the ILLEGAL income tax the the current government rapes us with. Welfare is a horrible program, and I know, I was on it once. It does nothing to promote, what was the word you used, oh yes, AUTONOMY. I’m sick of the government in my pocket, in my childrens school, in my own home. I am ready for a change, as I think many many Americans are. It scares me that people think like you do. Its obscene.

  3. I disagree with some of the points in this article, but many are valid and in general this was a good article.

    One biggie that is just not accurate was this:
    “We have relative peace in the United States BECAUSE WE DO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN with all the social programs that Libertarians hate so much, and want to abolish.”

    And when did THAT happen? I don’t know of any of the poor that are taken care of by social programs. Most of the time they are working very hard to even QUALIFY for the social programs. That is why these same people commit crimes, sell drugs, etc., so they can supplement what little income they have if they are differently abled and barely surviving on a stipend, unemployed or have some other extenuating circumstance. We have PEACE in the US? Has anyone been to an urban area lately? I don’t think so, it is pretty much a war going on out there. Survival of the fittest!

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  5. Unless you are wealthy, I don’t see how anyone would gain from abolishing the Federal government. Yes, there would be less taxes, but I don’t hear people ranting and raving about how horrible Medicare and Social Security benefits are when they are receiving them….. ever. I think it is very naive on Dennis Kucinich’s part to think a union of this kind would bring the country together.

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  8. This piece is absolutely brilliant from beginning to end. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Somebody please get this do Dennis?


  9. “Libertarians are basically SELFISH, GREEDY people who fundamentally ONLY care about preserving THEIR OWN rights and freedoms, EVERYONE ELSE BE DAMNED. The only reason they support constitutionalist thinking is that it preserves THEIR OWN rights, not because it really protects anyone else.”

    This is total nonsense. Sweeping condemnations of entire swaths of people — just what we need more of. Oh wait, I lie.

    Libertarian philosophy is not inherently greedy and selfish. Libertarians honestly believe that people should be self reliant and should not have others dictating how they should run their lives or spoon feeding them, and that a society will ultimately be far healthier if everyone takes care of themselves. They generally think this is possible if government isn’t meddling with their lives, promoting more power and wealth for those in charge, and taxing the hell out of people to carry out the aims of those in power, not the people.

  10. Ron and Dennis acknowledge that they are friends. Part of living in a civil society is being able to be friendly with those on the opposite ideological platform. I am happy to see Kucinich talk openly about the subject and I think it’s a good sign that if either man were to be elected that they know they have a friend on the other side of the aisle. I’m a Paul supporter, one of those selfish folks mentioned in the Hollyday piece, and I’ve always recognized Mr. Kucinich as one of the more pricipled and “good” Democrats. I am opposed to rampant socialism but if we were to reign in government wastefulness on wars and in other areas then I can totally see working on a bipartisan solution to the healthcare problem. Paul can work on lowering prices and Kucinich can work on getting healthcare to those who need it.

    Like I said, glad to see these two pricipled men acknowledge their friendship and show that people of opposite political ideologies can co-exist peacefully.

  11. Hello all: and I am very sorry about the situation of the USA, because i think it is taking a wrong path supporting libertarianism free markets as a solution for America’s problem. That’s a very wrong solution for a nation with so many economic problems like USA and any other nation. From my rational, and sensible point of view, the most rational solution for a country with so many deep rooted problems like USA has is welfare state-capitalism with a humanist economic model as a transitional stage toward democratic-socialism.

    And not free market libertarianism like Ron Paul and his supporters think is the answer.

    This is very dangerous indeed, because what if we think that Ron Paul is the answer, and once in power, he slashes the welfare programs, as a result poverty and hunger will increase, it will destroy the US economy and it will increase crimes, increase the economic gap between rich and poor and Ron Paul will loose control of the economy

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