Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer 12.02.07 (videos)

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December 02, 2007


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5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer 12.02.07 (videos)

  1. Gary, we know the debates are a farce. They aren’t impartial and the times each candidate gets to speak is not fair, what else is new?

    I do try to post Gravel’s vids so people don’t forget him.

  2. Notice Mike Gravel isn’t on TV that much anymore? That’s because he (like Chavez) is very abrasive and “in your face” with his answers and opinions. He’s not going to bother trying to be nice. Paul and Kucinich should learn from Mike. Bill Richardson didn’t wait to be called on in the last debate, he stood right up and interrupted. lol Yeah it’s rude but so is passing someone over when it’s their turn to speak.

  3. Hi Gary, yes, he did. He tried to make him out as a nut again with the North American Union and proposed highway, too. Luckily people are smarter and can easily search for info on the Internet.

  4. 1. Your out of step with the Republicans

    2. Your a “conspiracy theorist”

    3. Your only at 7% in the polls

    Blitzer did his usual smear job.

    Ron needs to do like Gravel and call these media hacks liars to their face.

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