Democratic Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich is Gaining Support on the Issue of Impeachment By Ann Lane

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By Ann Lane
After Downing Street
Mon 2007-12-03 15:00

Not all Americans are familiar with the name Dennis Kucinich, a candidate for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Kucinich, himself, openly admits that he has little possibility of capturing the nomination. However he is managing to gain growing support in some state and national polls. Kucinich believes this attributable to his promotion of traditional Democratic Party values.

In several recent appearances he shared with voters what he believes in returning Democrats to the long-established values of their party. He used the famous Democratic examples of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson when spoke of his hope for a economy of full-employment. He believes that our own government’s foreign trade policies cost millions of Americans their jobs through outsourcing. A practice he believes is made worse with our legislative practices.

Kucinich’s stance is a lonely one, as he stands alone on this issue, and many others. He is the sole democratic candidate that is advocating the repealing both our trade agreements and the Patriot Act. He is running on a platform that includes the modernization of our nation’s health care system, an issue that no other candidate in the 2008 race is actively promoting. He believes that Federal Government should implement an education system that is fully funded from preschool through college.

While these stances set him apart from the other Democratic candidates, there is another issue that is receiving both animated responses from supporters and more attention from democratic voters. Kucinich is promoting the issue of impeachment against both Vice President Dick Cheney and President George Bush who “have committed impeachable offences,” according to Kucinich.

The primary offence that he is refers to is his opinion of their involvement in the deception of the American public with regards to the war in Iraq. He is currently preparing the required Articles of Impeachment against President Bush on this issue. Similar articles were presented to Congress earlier this year against Vice President Cheney.

His promotion of impeachment has grown stronger due to the issue of Iran. He believes that recent aggressive statements made by the Bush and Cheney administration in regards to Iran constitutes war crimes. As of this week, on the issue of possible Impeachment Kucinich no longer stands alone. Fellow Presidential candidate, Senator Joe Biden announced this week that he would back Kucinich’s Impeachment attempt should the United States initiate war into with Iran.

While his positions differ greatly from the Democratic front runners like Clinton and Obama, Kucinich is in hopes that as his support grows it will force a change in discussion that is taking place among the Democratic candidates, thereby helping to shape the Presidential election of 2008.
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