The Big Brother Agenda – Britain’s Spy Cameras and ID cards by Trevor Murphy

by Trevor Murphy
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
December 3, 2007

It is interesting to point out at this juncture, that 3500+ laws that have been passed, causing massive reduction of civil liberties, countless examples of infringements of human rights, the placement of over 4,000,000 cameras in England (accounting for over 20% of the worlds total of CCTV), police are now all equipped with head cameras and spy drones flying over our cities watching our every move and all over the country councils are introducing spy cameras in our bins to ensure ‘the correct amount of recycling’ (it’s the stuff of pure science fiction movies depicting a world hundreds of years into a sinister future) the introduction of shameful ID card that we will all be forced to carry thereby enriching the cronies of Blair to the tune of approximately £90.00 for every man woman and child in the country (the same ID cards, no doubt, that obviously stopped the Madrid train bombers if that story can be believed).

It should be noted as well that personal details on the ID database WILL be sold to the private sector to offset the cost that has rocketed beyond previous estimated figures according to Gordon Brown

( for more on that story).

There is now constant invasion of privacy through the monitoring of our phone calls, emails, faxes and every other form of contact we use without warrant, now even local councils can monitor texts and phone calls, all permissible under the Regulation of investigatory powers act, the monitoring of our whereabouts through our oyster cards and mobile phones, Our councils have all been granted permission to share private and personal information under the freedom of information act, which of course the Mps have exempted themselves from under the guise of protection for their constituents though it is common knowledge that their expenses and fraudulent mortgage claims are the real excuses behind the measures. It is much more important to undercover real crime of public interest by passing laws that give the department of work and pensions the right to look into all bank accounts of unemployed or disabled people on benefits, so a major investigation is awaiting those of you who decide to sell your old CD collection on eBay or boot sale all your old belongings that you are actually selling at a loss despite government claims that you are somehow fiddling the system. Jack straws refusal to disclose his expenses and be the catalyst that enforced the exemption of MP’s from any obligation to do so, regardless of which party the MP represents, which might explain the lack of opposition in parliament as was also the case in the vote for MP wage rises and other incentives to uphold the solidarity of silence in the ‘good old boys club’ of the upper echelons of decent and honest society.

It has been proposed that every traveller is to be fingerprinted and I have personally had my image scanned through a world wide database and have witnessed an incentive agenda at Heathrow airport in the now standard three hour queuing regardless of destination since the Blairite cattling systems inception. In a queue that had already remained at a complete standstill for over an hour on arrival from a European flight, a restless and increasingly irritable surge of weary travellers grumbled at the inhuman treatment, and one obviously seasoned traveller asked a staff member if the Iris machine was operational (Identification through scans of the eyes) and on receipt of a positive reply quickly burst from the mob and raced forth though was rapidly chased by a number of others all too willing to throw away the last remaining embers of freedom to escape the inhumanity that is now the airport norm in England. It is only a matter of time before our DNA will be used as a standard identification means by which to travel. Presently there are X-ray machines at all of our airports which subject each and every person to illegal radiation levels for which the BMA has attempted (unsuccessfully surprisingly) to reprimand the government. They stated that it is illegal to subject anyone to the levels of radiation emitted from these machines without the proper medical authority or medical reason. i.e. when you have a medical problem which requires MEDICAL attention.

It should also be pointed out that you do have the right to refuse this inhumanity and instead opt for a body search. However whether you are willing to take the chance on upsetting someone in the midst of a power trip who also has the right to insert their hand further into your body cavities than you would allow a surgeon without anaesthesia (or indeed a partner without having first paid for dinner and a reasonable bottle of wine) is your own choice.

DNA samples being collated on children as well as adults, almost 3.5 million total (including 600,000 under 16’s) as at the end of 2005 and deliberately ignoring the fact that it is as unreliable as the evidence that put away the Birmingham 6 and Guildford4 (It’s phenomenal that you and I can shake hands and you decide to go and kill someone but my DNA is left at the scene) We have the biggest database of DNA on the planet (we seem to be holding a lot of these very ominous records of late). Even if proven innocent of a crime the DNA sample is being withheld. Mp’s have been exempted from this measure. On the 27 th August the Telegraph ran a story about 550,000 database mistakes when it transpired false or misspelt names had been entered into the database of the current estimated total 4,000,000 names. This means that 14% of the information is incorrect. To look at it another way that is reprehensive of a figure higher than that of every sample taken since the end of 2005 when the total stood at 3.5 million, or it could be represented by the total of under 16’s on file.

( for the full story).

There have already been cases of corrupt police officers ‘placing’ DNA samples at crime scenes and there have been television reports of innocent people being acquitted because evidence of police DNA planting has been discovered and it is not a new phenomenon. In 1999 A man convicted for 14 years on an armed robbery charge had his conviction overturned in the court of appeal. George Ellis 38 from East London was originally convicted on DNA (saliva) samples found on masks yet always maintained the evidence was planted. Lord chief Justice Rose said that the evidence had been placed and The judges ruled the conviction unsafe. for the full story.

Planting DNA evidence as stated previously is not a new phenomenon nor is it restricted to Britain and many of the Police forces here may have indeed taken notes from the worldwide examples although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find information on British examples because of censorship online.

There is an ample history of police ‘placing’ forensic evidence at crime scenes so there is no reason to assume that they will abuse this facility in the same fashion and all those who would lean toward advocacy of the death penalty should be reminded of this fact. You would do well to remember that one day it just might be might be you on the stand for the convenience of a quick conviction to clear up the detection rate of a police service pushed for numbers. A single strand of hair is enough to frame somebody for murder or even the most minute sample of spittle will do the same.

In the Irish community of Britain in the seventies and eighties it was common knowledge that when in custody for any reason, ones hands were to be kept in ones pockets at all times. This was in the event police would surprise the detainee and throw something at them whilst being interrogated. The concern here was firearms at cetera and the hope was the restriction of the hands would lessen the chances of leaving prints on an items never before seen by the detainee. This was not an urban legend and was the result of plentiful examples of police framing. Presently we have a 28 day detention period which has been abused copiously and we still do not learn despite some harsh lessons in the past. Even with the detention period of the time, The Guildford four and Birmingham six and a multitude of other cases were tortured and beaten until they signed confessions and it is widely known that there is absolutely no requirement to hold a person for the 90 day proposed period other than for torture and ensuring all evidence of it can have time to be concealed. Even a broken bone can mend in that time. The current ‘softening’ of this stance to the 58 day period should not be taken with the apathetic “At least it’s not as bad as 90 days” view and should be greeted with the same suspicion.

The Police have always been known for resorting to this and also abusing each and every law that has been passed. Stop and search laws mean that every ethnic minority can be harassed without hindrance from civil rights groups. In 2005 there was a case of octogenarian Walter Wofgang who was detained under the prevention of terrorism act for heckling Jack Strawat the Labour party conference. 600 other protesters were arrested under the act and a total of 895 for the year 2005.

Under the prevention of terrorism act all protesters to any event are now experiencing this act being abused to quell any and all protests including the protests at the London arms convention which ironically began on 9/11 the year. The Heathrow airport climate protestors for which BAA secured a high court bid for an injunction to stop the activists on Monday august 6 2007 ,including a local parish priest. This led to plentiful arrests and detentions under the act and regardless of whether one agrees with the opinions or not of the protestors, It should be noted that is now solely current government taxation agenda that is the driving force behind the Climate change issue that is currently ‘guilting’ the public into submission to what is about to become the biggest financial scam perpetrated against the poor since the introduction of VAT and is increasingly turning the public against an otherwise commendable subject, because to debate it in any fashion has become tantamount to Holocaust denial.

We now have laws that allow bailiffs to break and enter into our homes to remove goods whether or not we are there, of course the fact that the government itself accounts for over 80% of all debt owed might just have some bearing on that. We now have a complete public smoking ban which was NOT on the mandate in their last election manifesto contrary to popular belief. Being myself a non smoker, (or ex-smoker of almost a decade) I am more than delighted to wake up in the morning having visited the local on the previous night without the stench on my clothes reminiscent of a bath in an ash tray, however I do not feel that smokers are second class creatures that deserve to be relegated to the unenclosed quick fix Wendy house eyesore that adorns the local pub car parks in the middle of winter. (that’s exactly why you were given the ban in July and not Christmastime folks) Interesting to note as well that noise complaints have risen in percentages as fast as the Zimbabwe inflation rate since all those smokers are now puffing in the gardens and doing such ridiculously unsocial things as …em..socialising. Now smoking may be seen as an unsocial act but in some circles so is drinking, and in others even singing and yes I have heard the ‘BAN’ brigade call for the cessation of those things too. In fact there are some cretinous hermits living obviously out of their depth amongst other human beings who will call for the banning of any and everything (who are just ripe for the picking for the story at the end of the 6 o’ clock news which leads thus… ‘some swift government action has been called for to tackle……[insert your choice of subject here…feeding of pigeons in Trafalgar square or something just as pressing]….’and we have Mr 60 year old living with mother to talk to us …’ this kind of thing panders to the rabble, who shout at statements made in Tellytubbies they might disagree with. The ‘shouldn’t be allowed’ mob The list of human rights that we are being stripped of is endless and we are being conned by the media into believing it’s a good thing mainly because of stories harping on about how “some ‘have a go hero’ is arrested while the mugger goes free because of human rights loopholes”, or the endless “look what these immigrant scum are doing to us and we can’t remove them because of European human rights issues” gutter press racist headlines to encourage the knee jerk reactionists to fill up the ‘sun says’ columns with finely chosen sound bites of ‘dump the Magna Carta’ rally calls to an ever more pliant and naive public who I have heard make such insane and ridiculous statements as …..

“We should be prepared to give up some liberties to protect our freedom”.

Legal aid has more or less been abolished, you cannot claim it if you are unemployed and you happen to own your own home, you must pay from the equity in your home, so it is for all intents and purposes an open door for unscrupulous solicitors and barristers to hang in as long as they can while the property market is still flush. One couldn’t imagine they would do such a thing of course. (If I could get my tongue any further into my cheek, I think I’d be quite capable of performing my own root canal.)

All this New World Order is in place under Teflon Tony’s watch setting out the biggest big brother society in history and bolstered by the removal of our right to protest in the capital, a measure only heard of in such societies as Burma (currently of world condemnation for precisely those types of measures), China and the now notorious Tiananmen square, and who could forget such diplomatic nuggets as Romania’s Nikolai Chauchesku in his attempts to quell the voices of the masses. All this taken into account, Wouldn’t it be funny if we found out that George Orwell’s real name was actually Blair. That really would be priceless wouldn’t it.

Benjamin Franklin once said….

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

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