New Study: Marijuana Stops The Spread Of Cancer (video)

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chrychek on Feb 19, 2010

San Francisco
Medical Marijuana Stops Spread of Breast Cancer – NBC NEWS

Marianne Favro/KNTV

9 thoughts on “New Study: Marijuana Stops The Spread Of Cancer (video)

  1. You are worker ants. We can’t have the worker ants consuming substances that make them work less efficiently. We’d have lop-sided yachts and crooked buildings. There can be only one leaning tower of Pisa, not a whole slew of them as a result of you slaves toking up and building stuff all crooked. Quiet down and listen to your government – it is smarter than you.

  2. Nah, I don’t use drugs or any of that either, not even OTC’s 🙂 Nor do I advocate the use of any of that, quite the contrary. But that’s not the issue, freedom is, the basic human right to govern, to own, one’s own body.

    Yep, hemp milk, who’da’ thunk? heh

    I like it. I blend it with almond milk sometimes (which is also very good).

    Now you’ve got me reading the box 🙂 …

    “A creamy non-dairy beverage made from whole hemp nuts…balanced source of Omega-3&6…these are the “good fats” that help maintain a healthy heart, a sharp mind, a strong immune system, and glowing skin…naturally rich in essential nutrients…quality digestible protein source…46% RDA of calcium…hemp seed is an “achene” (uh-keen), like sunflower seeds, and has been used for centuries as a food source…supports sustainable farming…grown without herbicides and pesticides…hemp seeds are one of the plant kingdom’s most complete sources of protein…packed with 10 essential amino acides, important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants…”

    Phew, good stuff 🙂 So there ya’ go.

    It’s no wonder they’re discovering it’s anti-disease properties given its amazing health-ifying goodies 😉

    Yay, hemp! 😉

  3. Dovelove, haha, very cool. Hemp milk? Never heard of it before.

    I agree about legalizing drugs, although I do not advocate their use, nor do I smoke pot or take drugs. But from a political stance, all should be legal for adults. We must end the War on Drugs and open new rehab centers not prisons.

  4. This is very synchronous. I’m sitting here eating a bowl of cereal with hemp milk on it 🙂 A new kinda milk I began drinking several weeks ago. Right before I sat down with it, got on here, and saw this blog on the main page, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be wild if they discover a plethora of health-ifying 🙂 properties about hemp, like anti-cancer and all that. Yep, that’s what I was thinking — this hemp milk is yummy, by the way 🙂

    Regardless, the government needs to get its frickin’ hands off our bodies, let us smoke, drink or otherwise consume or do whatever the hell we please — inside the realm of harming no one but ourselves. Their business should be to educate, not suffocate. If they have to control every other aspect of our lives, that’s one thing… If we would simply stop and think about how outrageous it is that they are governing our own bodies, that they feel they have the right to govern OUR BODIES…it’s mind-blowingly unconscionable.

    They aren’t our “God.” We are 🙂 We need to wake up and realize that.


  5. Kimmy King Wu,

    Did you watch the video? Who are you so angry at? My readers are intelligent enough to look into this issue and not just take a video news report as the gospel. I know if I or someone I knew had breast cancer, I would be looking into this very seriously and asking my doctor about it.

  6. You know what? Are you a doctor? No. Do you know what the HECK you’re talking about? no. So should you shut up with your crap and stop giving people false information? Yes, you sure should.

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