Ron Paul on The View (video)

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December 04, 2007


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4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on The View (video)

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  2. ron paul hasn’t ‘lost’, consider the amount of money he has spent, media he gets, and look at the amount of support he has and the growth!
    the ratio as compared to any of the other candidates is unbeatable.

    i don’t think he side-stepped the question at all. how should he have answered? (there was quite a time contraint) i would be much more concerned with the statement that “you know you won’t win.” (quite a reaction arose on the set) what an aggressive and awful projection to make. and to do so with the man sitting right in front of you on national television! a guest even! i’m sorry. i know that she claimed he was her favorite republican but i was expecting more. i think he answered well considering.

    a real resolve to the abortion issue? that very sentiment was uttered. what resolution could there possibly be? people have different opinions on the issue. how can you make such a controversial issue subject to federal law?

  3. I think that went rather well. They asked some very good questions — although they did attempt to interrupt quite often. It’s sad that no real resolve was made with the abortion question or the others due to lack of time.

    I liked that the one lady next to Whoopie mentioned that “you know you won’t get elected” and then asked a wonderful question of who Mr. Paul would vote for if he lost (which I think he will). I wasn’t impressed with the way he side-stepped or, as I say, “crab walked” that question. However, he is promoting himself, so I can understand.

    All in all, that was a lively debate even though it was short. I think it’s important to “ambush” and ask questions like that. The reason is because candidates should be well fucking prepared for that sort of thing.


  4. There’s an ambush if I ever saw one. Two completely loaded questions about abortion and immigration. I wonder if the majority of people who watch the view are women? Yeah I think so, Hence, the loaded abortion question. “Dr. Paul are you against women’s rights?” The immigration question was an obvious attempt to make him look bigoted. “Dr. Paul are you against giving poor people a chance at a better life?” Let’s top it all off with the “You know you don’t have a chance to win” line and their ambush is complete.

    First of all no one is going to touch Roe v. Wade it’s a highly sensitive women’s issue and last I checked the majority of people in America are women.

    On immigration Ron said the same thing that Socialists say… “Don’t blame the people looking for work. Blame the trade agreements that put them in that position. ”

    I’m glad the audience was clearly upset when one of them said Ron didn’t have a chance to win. It shows they could see her bias.

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