Kucinich Wins & Loses NPR’s Post-Debate Analysis By Manila Ryce + Kucinich, Gravitational Field

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By Manila Ryce
The Largest Minority
Published Wednesday, December 5th, 2007, 2:49 pm

Kucinich Wins and Loses NPR’s Post-Debate Analysis

I don’t expect any more enlightenment from NPR than I do from the cable news networks, so it wasn’t too surprising that Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel had less time to speak during NPR’s Democratic presidential debate than the main three media darlings of the Democratic Party. While NPR may be more reliable than other corporate news sources, I agree with FAIR’s assessment that, “NPR’s guestlist shows the radio service relies on the same elite and influential sources that dominate mainstream commercial news, and falls short of reflecting the diversity of the American public.” In short, NPR is just a more palatable version of the corporate media.FAIR’s criticism is justified by the following example. Richard Wolffe, a commentator for MSNBC and Senior White House Correspondent for Newsweek, was called on by NPR to give his post-debate verdict. You can listen to his analysis here. While I applaud Wolffe for recognizing that Kucinich had won the debate (who else in the media has ever acknowledged that?) he did so reluctantly and condescendingly. He couldn’t bring himself to say that Dennis won the debate without prefacing it with “I hate to say this BUT…” or “A Kucinich administration doesn’t make any sense to me BUT…“. Rather than offer an objective point of view, the NPR host merely laughs at Wolffe’s backhanded compliments. I’d like to know what is so horrible about Kucinich that makes recognizing him as anything other than a fringe candidate or a kook that sees UFOs an unforgivable sin? Stop apologizing and try to show some journalistic integrity you fucking hacks.


Dennis Kucinich, Gravitational Field

by Laura Conaway

Interesting tidbit on darkhorse candidate Dennis Kucinich from Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe, after NPR’s Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday:

“Think what you like about Kucinich and UFOs, but this Democratic field has essentially moved to the Kucinich position on trade, on Iraq, on a whole range of things where people thought he was a real outlier. They’re all pretty much in agreement now, when it comes to some of these big issues like trade, like diplomacy and war. And they are where Dennis Kucinich is.”

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  2. Kucinich best reflects the choice of the people. Don’t believe the CNN and FOX polls. Kucinich has won polls in the majority of states in polls conducted by grassroots organizations which tallied well over 150,000 votes.

    Kucinich is the candidate that best matches the interests of the people. He is the only candidate that has worked from the beginning to protect our rights. VOTE KUCINICH!

    On December 15, the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, the people will prove that the power still lies with them, not the corporations.

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  4. I LOVED the remark DK made regarding the fact that the original state constitution of Ohio was written in, hold your breath, GERMAN! Enough of the thinnly veiled biogotry of the immigration debate- GO Dennis!

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