Inside Story: US soldiers deserting Iraq (videos)

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US soldiers are deserting their posts with an 80 percent increase this year alone.

Added: December 07, 2007

6 thoughts on “Inside Story: US soldiers deserting Iraq (videos)

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  3. Atleast several hundred thousand Iraqi dead, millions of internally displaced, millions of refugees in Iran, Syria, and Jordan, an incompetent, indifferent, and sometimes downright “fuck the soldiers” kind of command structure and all of this was based on the lie that Iraq was somehow a threat to our national security? What more reason do you have to desert? I was a PT stud in BCT, an honor graduate from AIT, and my Sergeant called me the best soldier in the company. Do I sound like I deserted because I was a substandard soldier? I was also a signal grunt usually stationed in safe areas. Camp Victory was a secure as it gets. I probably would have been stationed in a safe place again. Do you think I deserted because I was a coward? It took more guts for me to go AWOL and turn myself back into Ft. Sill then it did for me to go to Afghanistan. I think soldiers in Iraq just need to take their blinders off and think about what they are doing (as apparently more are) and they would be joining me.

  4. I wish they could have gotten someone more eloquent, and who has actually been there to shut down this pompous Chickenhawk who thinks he has the right to declare who is and is not human.

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