Newsweek’s interview with Ron Paul (videos)

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Howard Fineman’s interview with Congressman Ron Paul

Part 1: About faith in public place, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

Part 2: About Israel and Palestine.

Part 3: IRS and civil disobedience

Part 4: Gun control


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John Stossel interviews Ron Paul – ABC Afraid to put it on TV (video)

3 thoughts on “Newsweek’s interview with Ron Paul (videos)

  1. Maria Teresa, who are you talking to in your comment?

    I’m not a “news person”, I am a blogger.

    You may want to take your complaints to the mainstream media sources.

  2. I do not like to be protected by your sensoring what I desire to see. I want to see all the interviews you had with Dr. Ron Paul.

    I also am interested in an interview that you did with Lady Bhutto before she was killed. In that interview, she mentioned that Bin Laden had been kill by so and so. I want the facts. This means that he is dead and you failed to let us the public know. Funny that right after I heard that he had sent another video. Something does not smell right. I trust you news people to keep us informed and not try to keep us in the dark. Thank you. Blessings….Maria Teresa

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