Voice of the Iraq Veteran #4 / Oaxaca: They TOOK the Media (video)

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Voice of the Iraq Veteran #4

We start off this episode with the 4th in a little series we have been doing, “Voice of the Veteran.” In this episode, we do a street interview at a demonstration with Evan Knappenberger, an Iraq vet who was in the US Army Infantry. He tells a story of GI resistance that occurred when he was in Iraq that perhaps begins to explain why US casualties are declining, even though the Iraqi people have not found a new love for their American occupiers.

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Interview with Jill Freidberg, producer of Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (a little bit of so much truth) http://www.corrugate.org


From the producer of the award-winning,”Granito de Arena” and “This is What Democracy Looks Like”, comes an intimate, breathtaking account of the revolution that WAS televised, the uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. “A Little Bit of So Much Truth” tells the story of the unprecedented phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, healthcare workers, farmers and students took over 14 radio stations and one TV station during the summer of 2006. The uprising in the state of Oaxaca started off as a teacher’s strike but quickly escalated into a confrontation with the state apparatus of historic proportions. Jill Freidberg was there and got the whole thing on tape. She was lucky to be well positioned to get this story, because her previous movie, Granito de Arena was about the Oaxaca teachers’ struggle up to just before the uprising she covers now in “Poquito.”

PepperSpray was pleased to interview Jill about her new movie, which we love. Jill was generous in providing a lot of great Oaxaca footage that really makes this interview stand out. Those familiar with Seattle’s anti-WTO protests may remember Jill for her movie about those times called This is What Democracy Looks Like. Then she went on to make the excellent Granito de Arena, which looks at the teachers’ legacy of struggle in the Oaxaca area. Now she has this triumph of a movie “Poquito,” about the Oaxaca uprising.

In the PepperSpray interview Jill talks about the struggle, the making of the movie, and what it means to be a revolutionary film maker. The piece, filmed and edited by Lila Kitaeff, is thoughtful, personal, and uplifting.

Pepperspray Productions formed shortly after the WTO protests in Seattle, in response to the Independent Media Center’s call, “don’t hate the media, be the media!”. We believe that the Corporate Media is not telling us the whole story, and that the people must make our own media if we want our voices to be heard.

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