Interview with Frances Moore Lappe: Getting a Grip + The Invisible Revolution (must-see videos)

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Interview with Frances Moore Lappe author of “Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad.”

Added: December 09, 2007


Getting a Grip on Money and Politics


This new short-format web-doc examines campaign finance reform through new eyes, the eyes of Deborah Simpson, a former waitress and single mother who ran for election under Maine’s Clean Election statute…and won!

Simpson’s inspirational story is juxtaposed with comments of despair and disappointment from on-the-street interviews and masterfully highlighted by Frances Moore Lappé’s eloquent and passionate plea for us to embrace this new alternative to the trend of billion-dollar politics.

Based on Lappé’s new book, Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad. For more see:

Added: October 01, 2007

Getting a Grip – the Spiral of Fear

Frances Moore Lappe discusses the Spiral of Powerlessness from her new book, Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity & Courage in a World Gone Mad, at the Pioneer Valley Relocalization Conference, Northampton, MA, September 2007.

Added: November 07, 2007

Getting a Grip – Breaking the Spiral of Fear

Getting a Grip – One-Rule Economics

Getting a Grip – Growth vs Waste

The Invisible Revolution

Frances Moore Lappé and her daughter Anna traveled around the world and discovered courageous social movements solving the roots of poverty. Now you can support the inspiring people they met directly through the Small Planet Fund. Find out how at:

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