Kucinich isn’t neglecting constituents’ problems – or the country’s by Dick Feagler

Dandelion Salad

by Dick Feagler
Plain Dealer Columnist
Sunday, December 09, 2007

For months now, my pals on these pages have gleefully kicked Dennis Kucinich around.

They have treated him like a buffoon or an egomaniac or both. They have spoofed his run for the presidency, which he knows he can’t win. And they have implied that while he is out on his hopeless White House quest, he is neglecting service to his district.

These pages, run by my pals, want Dennis gone. That’s no mystery. And, in the next election, he’s got some good people running against him. At least two, and maybe three.


h/t: Dennis 4 President

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3 thoughts on “Kucinich isn’t neglecting constituents’ problems – or the country’s by Dick Feagler

  1. Glad to see someone in Cleveland appreciates Dennis~ They can be strangely and inexplicably negative for no apparent reason (maybe because he keeps getting re-elected!)

    I don’t usually like politics nor politicians, nor do I get starry-eyed over celebrities. But for me Dennis Kucinich is a national hero, if only for his single-handedly promoting justice and legislation clearly in the common good, and with such integrity unbefitting any typical politician at present.

    What I don’t get is how he has the energy to do it all!

    This idea that Dennis has to scrape and sacrifice so hard to do right is a huge testament to the rotten core of the electorate at large. It baffles me that people aren’t more overwhelmingly exhausted and outraged by the antics of this admin, and wouldn’t for once wish for a candidate that didn’t have to be the lesser of evils.

    In Dennis we finally have a truly great leader and genuine moral visionary running for office. If people truly had any trouble with this war they’d be flocking behind him en-mass. Let’s hope they wake up soon, unfortunately we find that it really does matter who is president!

    Meanwhile, I intend to personally endeavor to counter any bad press he gets for all his good works with words and actions of support for this man and his amazing social vision.

    I just found the Helen Caldicott Interview you posted some months ago—she outlined some of what she’d do if SHE were president, and I have to say I’m so thoroughly floored by her, she’s so smart, so wise and so experienced. These are two people who sacrifice at a thankless exercise, but who somehow find humanity and life on earth worth the struggle—very strange indeed~

    Thanks for posting all this Lo, you bring us the kernels of hope, even if buried as they are in the bowels of bad news.

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