Jerri Ward interviews Jim Rogers who endorses Ron Paul (videos)

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During the interview on “I Object! Justice Examined” airing on Right Talk Radio, the legendary commodities trader, Jim Rogers tells his host Jerri Lynn Ward that in his opinion Bernanke should be impeached if Bernanke believes the things he said in response to Ron Paul’s questioning during the November 8, 2007 joint Congressional Committee Hearing. He also had some choice words for Ron Paul’s presidential competition.

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C-SPAN: Thomas Beaumont on Ron Paul, Huckabee (video)

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  2. Jim Rogers is right about the economy and the markets. Ron Paul is right about defending the Constitution and our liberty.

    Learn how outside economic and foreign policy events just might elect Ron Paul.
    A two part article on how current events outside the political process could elect Ron Paul as President.

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