Kucinich: Iraq War Funding Deal Is Immoral

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by Dennis Kucinich

Washington, Dec 10 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) released the following statement before Congress takes up yet another Iraq war funding bill this week:

“It is immoral for Congress to make a deal to keep this war going. It is immoral to keep a war going that is based on lies. And it is immoral to make a deal to claim legislative victories unrelated to the war while at the same time spending money to keep the war going,” Kucinich said.

The House is expected to bring up an omnibus spending package this week. The mechanism and timing for inclusion of Iraq war funding in the bill is not yet decided. One option is for the Senate to amend a House-passed version of the bill to reflect the back room deal on domestic spending. It would reportedly not include Iraq war funding. The Senate would add funding for the Iraq war and send it back to the House.

“In politics, you can make a deal where one party gets its way and the other party gets its way and that’s okay when people don’t die,” Kucinich said.

“This war funding plan shows a distressing lack of concern about the situation of our troops. It shows a disregard for the Democrats’ promise to the American people to end the war.”

“We do not have to fund the war. We have the money to bring the troops home.  It does not require a vote. It requires determination and truth.

“This is yet another example of leadership becoming increasingly unwilling to end this war,” Kucinich concluded.

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Congress to Vote on Iraq Funds (Action Alert; updated) 


8 thoughts on “Kucinich: Iraq War Funding Deal Is Immoral

  1. These arguments are counter productive. You have stated it wouldn’t be “moral” to just pull out and why are (people) the left crying a bought Iraqi death. I will agree to disagree on this.
    the fact of the matter is that we the people (not just you and me) are better served when we come to a middle ground.
    We should have tolerance for each other. It’s easy to fling arrows, thats a trap of division we all fall pray to. It’s time show some compassion for each other.
    This attitude has a chance to even permeate into our foreign policy to.
    From one President to the next our policies have remained fairly consistent, yet it is the attitudes of the administrations that set them apart, for better and for worse.
    In the words of Bob Seger one of Michigan’s great rocker’s

    “I’m no statesman I’m no general
    I’m no kid I’ll never be
    It’s the rules not the soldier
    that I find the real enemy.”

    I thank you Jonolan for your service, I mean that.
    thank you.

    God Bless.

  2. Ryan,

    By your own arguments history means very little. It was recorded by the same biased controlling media and the behest of the victors of any struggle. Later it may have been “reconstructed” to change the perception of events to match the agenda of the then dominant- or then counter-culture. LOL

    Yes, we don’t have access to all the data, and little access to any raw data about current or historical events at all. That is the world has always been and always will be. Railing about it does no good; learn to work the existing system in order to forward your agenda.

  3. Frankly I find your views to be (naive) a very simple solution to a problem that has a very high time- or memory- complexity.
    I urge you to educate yourself in world history, American history you are being told what they want you to hear.(East Timor).
    We live in a business run society corporations are monopoles, they own the air waves and the politicians, its been setup that way for a reason, and me, you, and 90% of the population are not a part of it.
    Further more your practice of instigation and assumption ultimately serve against you. Do not chose to remain ignorant, breafly look into at least one of the suggested topics from my previous response. History does mean something.

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  5. dandelionsalad,

    Why should I look again? I already know that they’re not doing the job honestly. That something that should change.

    You can however rebuild in the midst of insurrection and gang violence, so no it wouldn’t go better if we weren’t occupying Iraq. IMO we’re not occupying Iraq correctly – but then we don’t have a set of quantifiable mission goals…


    Of course we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq if they didn’t have a lot of what the US wants ands needs. Why would we ever go to war if it wasn’t in our own best interests to do so?

    Now, if you’re actually complaining about our “taking the moral high ground” on the issue, I agree with you in thinking that’s just deceitful and wrong. That the US has sent no troops to Burma despite the requests of the Burmese people proves our wars are expedient not idealistic.

  6. Just breafly Look in to the history of eugenics.
    Then just breafly look into U.S. involvement in South America (Nicaragua Bolivia) “among others long list”.
    And breafly U.S. involvement in East Timor. Hell I’m willing to bet ya never heard of the place.
    The U.S. state department 1945, “The Recourses of the region are a stupendous source of strategic power and one of the greatest material prizes in world history”.Thought experiment, There are a lot of Evil Dictatorships in the world. If Iraq was in the heart of the worlds largest lettuce producing reign, not oil. Would we have invaded?
    Our vested interests will not let us “pull out” unless we leave a Subordinate Client State.

  7. I thank you for your service, Jonolan.

    Please look into the various corporations that are “supposed” to be rebuilding Iraq. It’s shameful what they are doing (or not doing). Millions of dollars go missing??? And couldn’t rebuilding be better done if we weren’t occupying this nation?

  8. Sad, sad, sad.

    Immoral or not, that’s the politics works:( You give to get. Also, it wouldn’t be “moral” to just pull out of Iraq. The Left keeps forgetting that – all the while crying about Iraqi deaths.

    Folks, try thinking for once. America has made a habit over the century-and-a-half of destabilizing nations then leaving. The results have been universally counterproductive – read that as BAD. Maybe just this once we should rebuild and stabilize what we busted up.

    Don’t get me wrong; I think going into Iraq was stupid; more so because we did it without a real plan for finishing up and going home. It’s just that I think that we should TRY to make it better than when we got there.

    Before some of the “pundits” on this site attack, I’ll admit up front that I can’t serve in the military anymore, so I’m risking nothing by my opinion. LOL I’m too banged up from prior military service to reenlist or be reactivated.

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