Olbermann: Bushed! + Tale of the Tapes + Tortured Justice + Worst (videos)

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December 10, 2007


Countdown’s list of the top three Bush scandals you may have forgotten about because of all of the new Bush scandals.

Tortured Justice

Keith talks to Johnathon Turley about the destruction of the CIA tapes and the recent revelations that senior Democratic members of the House and Senate knew about the interrogation techniques and what the obligations to investigate now are.

Tale of the Tapes

Keith gives his report on the retired CIA officer who has come out and said that the CIA did use waterboarding and that it is torture. Biden calls for a special investigation despite those on the Intelligence Committee saying that an investigation is not necessary. Jay Rockefeller seems to be trying to prevent an investigation of himself. Richard Wolffe weighs in.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Mike Huckabee. Runners up David Ignatius and Hugh Hewitt.

Dana Perino White House Press Briefing, December 10, 2007



CIA photos ’show UK Guantanamo detainee was tortured’ By Robert Verkaik

‘Well-Informed’ Source Tells CBS That Tapes Were Destroyed To Prevent Prosecution h/t: ICH

3 thoughts on “Olbermann: Bushed! + Tale of the Tapes + Tortured Justice + Worst (videos)

  1. Lo,
    it is true that this torture crap really stanks,
    runs threw the entire Federal Governments ranks,
    all are complicit, “We the People…,” must say no thanks.

    A Third Party Now,
    bleeding out the cash cow.

    As a country we must reign in the Federal separated Government, and return the power back to “We the People…,” stop the Whore, who wants only more.

    More what you may ask, it is simple,
    power, money, gold, land, resourses, minerals, water, air, and of course, “our” childrens flesh and blood.

    Evict all Incumbents in ’08,
    a Third Party, then Investigate.

  2. Another investigation… oh joy,

    Let’s all hold our breath in hope that the very group that sanctions all this admin’s illegal antics and hideous crimes will actually bring some semblance of justice to… who exactly? If the goons go down for torture, then the fully cognizant opposition leaders (pelosi, et. al) go right down with them.

    They ALL knew about the torture, they are all, on both sides complicit– Pelosi needed those tapes buried as much as anyone, therefore once again there will be no justice. If no heads rolled over Plamegate, then anyone found afoul of ethics here will just be pardoned (and apparently nothing can trump a presidential pardon).

    Beyond that, never underestimate the threat of foul play. What happened to Wellstone and family, could likely happen to Conyers or anyone else holding the keys to impeachment, hence the only possible explanation for their complicity.

    What this all confirms is that all 3 branches are filthy, slimy corrupt crooks and criminals. What is further confirmed after half a decade of this is that NOBODY REALLY CARES!

    In light of this revelation that trust in government and rule of law cannot be fixed, and that neither the “people” nor their representatives are willing to do anything at all to stop it, then my question is WHAT ARE THESE SOLDIERS FIGHTING FOR??

    The great effort here to report on the scandals (any one of which would have sent any demoscat down in flames) should, if anything, have one result: Show the enlisted troops that they are risking all, rendering themselves murderers, (a state of reality from which they can never psychologically nor morally return) for NOTHING.

    In the end, the destruction of trust, accountability, justice, integrity, and the common good in government is the fault of the very people, the citizenry of this country who still sit idly by and let it all go down, with little more than an eyebrow raise from their rabid cunsumeristic addictions.

    For that I no longer care about these people and their civil liberties, their economic impending peril, their foreclosures, their gas prices, etc. The population of this nation has had it way too good for way too long, and we see here in their categorical lack of reaction to any of this, that they simply don’t care. Even the poorest of this nation are better off than the majority of the impoverished across the globe, and all now know full well that all this wealth is unjustified, obtained by illegal subjugation, beginning with slaves, who’s legacy remains completely uncompensated to this day.

    What I do care about, and what puts it all over the edge and off the cliff, is the gratuitous militarism. People just don’t want to know what is really happening in this war, what kind of pain, horror, death this has caused. It’s been kept out of public view, and the pain of witnessing the few pictures leaked is so difficult, people would rather go back to their petty careers and problems of what color car to buy this time.

    But the soldiers know, they see what they are doing, and now there is no possible dispute about the fact that their deployment was pursued for lies, that they are committing atrocities and risking death and horrible injury for fraud, and that the very people about whom they are so patriotic are complete criminals. Any soldier who still fights in such full knowledge of the folly and fraud, is simply a psychopath, craving to kill out of some twisted, sick need to find a legal reason to inflict death on humans (similar to the way sport-hunters pursue killing for pleasure).

    How can we ‘support our troops’ knowing that they know that what they are doing is illegal, immoral, and horrific, and that each new scandal proves the undeniable fact that their commanders are criminals of the worst kind?

    At this point, after 5 years of holding my breath, watching this nightmare roll out like nuclear winter over the moral mood of the minions, but knowing from the beginning that it was bogus while the electorate overwhelmingly rolled over for this war-crime, personally I’ve had enough of the amerigun electorate, and their bogus ‘freedoms’.

    Let their civil liberties leak away, people have lived with far worse for far longer.
    Let the economy collapse, people have suffered far worse perils with no end in sight, having never known such unprecedented prosperity as everyone here sees.
    Let the corporatocracy consume the consumers, for each and every citizen who benefits from rampant, unchecked industrialism is complicit, and will never give up their ill-gotten gains.
    Let the electorate of this country taste the venom of their own apathy in this time.

    But there is one aspect, for which each and every citizen in this place who did not actively dissent the deployment, invasion, occupation, war-crimes (or, god-forbid, actually supported the mass-murderous act, along with the 75% of their colleagues who remained overwhelmingly behind this invasion up until very recently) remains personally culpable:

    The invasion is the greatest crime, and it is the enlisted goons who carry it out.

    The campaign must now focus on the individuals who fight and kill for lies. They must be shown that they are complicit in war-crimes, that they are each and every one in direct violation of the Geneva Accords which hold that soldiers must refuse illegal and immoral orders. The soldiers must not keep hearing about how we ‘support the troops’, rather it must be made apparent to the very hit-men who do this destruction, that they are in fact and by definition, and in light of international law, criminals and bloodthirsty murderers of the very worst kind. They are the real Butchers of Bagdad.

    Beyond that, let amerigah brew in it’s own self-created hell (not likely to happen, but hoping for some karmic punishment for the public’s continued complicity in the crimes of ALL of their elected officials, regardless of party).

    America is Indeed The Beautiful, But the USA SUCKS!

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