PDA Rocks! By Steve Cobble (Kucinich)

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By Steve Cobble (PDAer, Kucinichite, Friend of Tim)
After Downing Street

December 10, 2007

Maybe it’s because I was there with Dennis Kucinich in Iowa the day he launched his 2003 campaign for President.

Maybe it’s because I was there with Dennis, Howard Dean, Tim Carpenter, Mimi Kennedy, Laura Bonham and many of you in Roxbury back in the summer of ’04, the day PDA was launched.

Maybe it was because we’ve spent so many hours together over the last few years, fighting to end this immoral and illegal occupation, pushing for single-payer health care, trying to get all votes counted, battling CAFTA, putting impeachment back on the table.

Or maybe it was just because it was snowing in D.C. as I wrote this, and I flashed back to our first national organizing meeting, when hundreds of PDAers braved the snow on a Washington weekend to come together to volunteer to change America.

Whatever the reasons, I was surprisingly touched by the PDA straw poll vote for Dennis Kucinich this week. I am an early PDAer, and I am also the political director for the Kucinich campaign, so of course I’m biased, but that 41% victory made me proud. Thank you, PDA.

Thank you for valuing the principles of peace and justice and real change, even when the siren song of pragmatism beckoned.

Thank you for continuing to stand up for the basic founding principles of PDA-to end this illegal war, to provide every American with not-for-profit health care, to make sure that every vote counts and every vote is counted.

Thank you for rewarding Dennis’ brave and lonely stand for impeachment with your voices of approval.

I was proud to be there with PDA at the founding. I’m just as proud to stand with PDA today. And I’ll be proud to get on the phone with you next week, as Tim pulls together one of his infamous PDA conference calls to decide what we do next to follow up on this vote. PDA really does rock.

PDA Kucinich supporters, join Steve Cobble and Tim Carpenter for a conference call next Tuesday to discuss next steps:
Tuesday December 18 at 9:00 PM EST
Call-in #: (605) 772 3800
Access Code: 693278

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Full results here.

PDA Straw Poll Results:

Total Votes by Candidate:
Biden, Joe 537 3 %
Clinton, Hillary 1470 9 %
Dodd, Christopher 182 1 %
Edwards, John 4168 26 %
Gravel, Mike 112 1 %
Kucinich, Dennis 6510 41 %
Obama, Barack 2063 13 %
Richardson, Bill 768 5 %


Determined, Steady Kucinich Quadruples Support By Joe Shea & Ted Manna + Kucinich 1st, Edwards 2nd in PDA Straw Poll



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