T(ypo)ERRORISM (video) + List of US Bombings since WWII

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Thinking for yerself, requires that ya ditch all the thinking modalities given and journey to discover you own innate processes.

If we, the people, stopped war, it would mean two things: firstly that we can work together for the better of each other, and secondly that we are the real power in humanity, and that we have finally matured enough to assume that power safely.

All it takes is one simple action by most of us at the same time.

Wars do not fight themselves.

Added: December 11, 2007




Bring Your Own Bombs


Here’s a list of different countries which the United States has bombed since World War II:



Middle East/Southwest Asia:

Central/South America:
El Salvador


“What is war but terrorism with a larger budget?” – Anonymous


Coreluminus: We are going to war? (music video; over 18 only)

GI Resistance

Before You Enlist

How It All Ends (Global Warming; must-see video; links)

23 thoughts on “T(ypo)ERRORISM (video) + List of US Bombings since WWII

  1. Cheers to those who got this video. And to you that don’t get it, well it’s a question of denial, is it not?

    A form of psychic self-defence, denial is at the roots of conditioning and control. The harmed child has to supress his/her genuine responses to adverse adult control, and in time that becomes hard wired subconscious behavoiour patterns that the person identifies with, and when challenged, that person REACTS to protect the ‘ego’.

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  9. OK, I’ll admit, ‘redneck’ is a derogatory term, adopted after too many years upstate NY with the hunters and Botch believers– it is getting to me ion a huge way, and made me a rabid anti-hunting activist. It’s such a weird, anti-literate, anti-intellectual, bloodthirsty backward culture, a culture lacking any of the integrity one imagined country-folk to have.

    But Botch will remain Botch, he devoted his whole life, and over a million others, to that title, so I’m surely not gonna deprive him of it! And Raygun, well he actually tried to implement that one with his famous starwars missile-defense system. And those people who promote that video about raygun and the reasons for war? Well I guess I better not say anything, it’s likely un-printable anyway~

    Points taken, I’ll try to be more diplomatic in my utterly flabbergasted outrage at illegal mass-murdering, psychopathic warmongers and the populace who to this day refuses to lift a fat finger to resist the war-crimes they are complicit in.

    BTW, this page made it to Google! I think it also wins a prize for having it’s own Google page with two entries. It’s actually a rather rare achievement, apparently!

    I really LOVE this video Typo-errorism. It’s so true. These are the good people.

    Thanks LO~

  10. Please omit the following if anappropriate, but I just read Ajerx, and I’m once again utterly stunned.

    People really got alzheimers about raygun. I copied to piece on my blog about gip, and also a prior one from Krugman. It’s time to set the raygunites straight for once and for all, he was NOT a person to emulate nor admire.!

    I wrote this in respionse to that hideous warmongering video distortion from Ajacked (another day another diatribe, it seems!):

    So you STILL think Saddam blew up the towers, and that this is justification for invading Iraq under false, treasonously fabricated pretext, killing a million civilians over nothing, launching all-out illegal war against a country of no threat to us??

    You people invade because you like to kill. There is no valor in what you do, only illegal atrocity. Red-state rednecks join up for playing videogames with real ammo at massive illegal cost to the tax-payer and world peace and stability. This is not heroism, it’s mass murder and war-crimes.

    Do you remember that it was the USA who overthrew the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED DEMOCRACY of Iran in 1953, ultimately bringing on the radicals, and then SUPPORTED Saddam? Or that the USA overthrew the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED governments of S. & Central America, and did all this not to protect against some raygun-myth of a ‘Red Dawn’ or islamic threat to the USA, but purely to preserve US ill-gotten abusive international business interests?

    Does anyone remember that ‘trickle-down’ didn’t work? Or that we’ve spent more US tax propping up israel (why? Because raygun and botch are DISPENSATIONALISTS: ‘zionism at all costs so they get enraptured at the second coming—compare that to those virgins, you bible-belted nut-cases!) than in the whole of Africa while millions there died of colonial poverty and disease? It is indeed the raygun-ite USA who is the largest terrorist of the world right now, and has been since the end of WW2.

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  12. I can tell you that during the Carter admin, the economy was in the toilet. Home mortgage rates were as high as 18% of not higher. Under Reagan that came crashing down and helped the economy.

    Under Reagan we had an economic growth of just over 3% compared to a 2.something under Ford and Carter.

    Interest rates and unemployment fell faster during the Reagan presidency – and it slowed under the Bush-Clinton years. So, um, can you please tell me why you think he is the worst president we’ve ever had?

    You know, myself being Iranian…I have been to Iran….and I i see the oppression that is happening in Iran. My family there are DYING to come here. My cousin, “Farzad” (I gave him an alias), said that he would gladly put on an American Soldier’s uniform and fight for America in IRAQ…..why? Because he wants to come here and he wants to protect America! He wants what you and I have.

    Think about that for a moment……

  13. Dandelionsalad: can you please tell me why you think that…..or are you just on the liberal bandwagon?

    Can you cite for me SPECIFIC reasons why you think he is the worst?

  14. Thank you so much, Power to the Voices, very well stated, my friend.

    “Give peace a chance.”

    I do believe it can be ended, too, when the soldiers refuse to fight any longer, and many, many are doing just that, resisting.

  15. I’m not following Iranian Ajax, what could possibly be wrong with putting an end to war?

    I think this video is extremely clever and soulful, and reminds us that now that global warming has finally gotten some press (it used to be the province of ‘radical eco-terrorist tree-hugging liberals’ who had some ‘conspiracy theory’ which is finally moving into the main stream) to remember that global ‘warring’ is the most imminent threat to all as it has been since the advent of M.A.D.

    The only people who could support warmongering attitudes are those less-than-5% of humanity who are statistical, clinical sociopaths.

    It is time we, the 95% balance of NORMAL people put our foot down and said NO MORE. The people who advocate for wars are sick in the brain, deranged, and yet somehow their actions are so domineering and violent, they’ve convinced us that militarism is somehow ‘natural’ and to be expected as part of our biological make-up, and can’t be fixed.

    To that I say just look at the former ‘kingdoms’ of western Europe, historically about the most traditionally war-mongering states ever devised since the days of Genghis Khan.
    These nations with their mercenary armies through their arrogance in the use of invasion and force, colonized the world. But NOW LOOK! Who could have imagined during the blitzkriegs of London, the Battle of the Bulge, the constant medieval wars and invasions between England and France, that they’d all be the best of friends?

    Militarism CAN be stopped, and it can all happen overnight, within one generation, as we see in Western Europe.

    War-profiteering is the largest reason wars exist, not genetics. To paraphrase Dennis, PEACE is inevitable!

    It is entirely our choice to put an end to warfare. After all, it was once considered ‘normal’ to burn witches (i.e. women who could swim). We put an end to that, right? It was once perfectly ‘normal’ for people to ‘own’ hundreds of Africans and force them to do manual labor, and we put an end to that, right? (Well mostly…). See how barbaric those practices now seem in retrospect. One day war will also seem like some bizarre barbaric practice from the past pursued by primitive, backward, barbaric people.

    This wonderful film reminds us that we can make that happen right now, and it’s entirely within the power of the people to refuse to allow combat to be pursued as an instrument of policy (as Dennis again says). After all, the ‘war to end all wars’ was like 35 wars ago!

  16. It became abundantly clear to me that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Leave politics to the grownups.

    Iranian Ajax

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