Utterly Bushisms Galore – Stirring Iran – CIA Lies? No Way! (video) + Iran is like the Honey Bees by Wm Mac

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This week in time from December 4th to December 11th has been all about confusion.

William Mac continues talking about the Bush administration’s overall silliness with Iran, and wonders why we keep talking about them so much without even trying to talk TO them. William Mac illustrates this by saying “completely and utterly” like 50 times. Also, a lot of countries have nuclear weapons, and William Mac feels fine.

CIA destroyed interrogation tapes — big surprise. Not really. CIA is private and corrupt, we get it. Stop getting in a big pissy mood about it and start getting educated and start taking action.

NOTE: Intelligence report on Iran says it stopped nuclear weapons program in 2003, not 2005. William fucked up. BOO William!

Added: December 12, 2007


Iran is like the Honey Bees

By William Mac
This Week in Time

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December 12, 2007

The administration keeps saying we won’t negotiate with Iran and that they’re dangerous. An intelligence Report says maybe they’re not. Israel says they are developing a nuclear weapon. I figure it isn’t smart to throw rocks at a Bee’s nest either way…

Last week we told you about the fact that a new intelligence report came out that stated Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program years ago. Just a day later President Bush basically says that this same report confirms Iran is a threat.

Bush stated that the new assessment underscored the need to intensify international efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even though the support suggests that they are, in fact, not doing that.

Bush said, “Iran cannot be entrusted to acquire even the scientific knowledge to enrich uranium for peaceful civilian use” during the same press conference. Is Bush afraid of Iran using nuclear weapons? Or is he afraid of enriched uranium for peaceful civilian use? Let’s find out!

“Look,” Bush continued, “Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon”

Now I’m just plain confused. Apparently Iran was and is dangerous… but will also BE dangerous? I thought it was dangerous already. Also, Iran can’t use enriched uranium technology for peaceful civilian use – which doesn’t seem dangerous to me, on the contrary I would think it “peaceful” – but it is also trying to make a nuclear weapon, but maybe not because of an intelligence report – or – er – uh – I give up.

By and by, I would figure we could live with a nuclear-armed Iran as well as one with useful enriched uranium for peaceful civilian use. So, I’m not worried about it in the least. Why is everyone else worried? Why is Iran such a HUGE threat? Why is it all over the news? What’s the big idea?

I seem to remember a few countries that already have developed nuclear weapons and have tested them such as North Korea – an outspoken enemy of the United States with a huge grudge, crazy midget dictator, and staggeringly brain-washed civilization. If anything, I would think countries like that would be getting press and should be worried about. However… all I hear about is Iran, which has done nothing.

Hell, even though North Korea has nuclear weapons, I still feel fine. And maybe because we’re not bothering them at all, or talking about them on the news without actually trying to make any kind of common sense, civil diplomatic gesture instead – then North Korea isn’t bothering us back.

Yet, Bush and many others are talking shit about Iran, hurling rocks and insults over borders and bodies of water, but Bush has not yet tried to negotiate Iran’s security, legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, and its place in the regional order at all. No, Bush has only talked shit and done nothing but threaten war and international scrutiny without even speaking to Ahmadinejad.

Think of Iran as a Bee’s nest. You leave them alone and they leave you alone. Yeah, they’re making honey, taking pollen, and stinging a few people no doubt, but all in all they’re out of everyone’s hair. Does it really make any kind of reasonable sense to start throwing rocks at the Bee’s nest? Last time I checked, you’ll get stung.

So let Iran make its honey if it wants, just leave it alone, be nice, and wear a bee suit. I sure as hell don’t want to be around if and when Iran develops nuclear weapons and we’re still talking smack, throwing rocks and sticking our tongues out. No sir, I surely don’t want to be around then.


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