Stop Harm: Logic Bomb #3 (video)

The Golden Rule
“Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.”
– Confucius

Dandelion Salad


 a. fact : there are adults on Earth.

b. fact : there are children on Earth.

c. fact : there are things adults do, directly or indirectly, that have a negative or abusive impact upon the welfare of children in the present and in the future.

d. it follows that, as a responsible adult, one would immediately cease any behaviour/activity that directly or indirectly has a negative impact upon the welfare of children in the present or in the future.

e. having stopped the damaging behaviour/activity one is then in a much better position to work through how to take things forwards.

f. discussing the issue prior to cessation of the abuse only allows the abuse to continue. Added: December 14, 2007



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