The Death Of Democracy – Silence The Opposition! by Michael O’McCarthy

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by Michael O’McCarthy
LA Free Press
Dec. 13. 2007

Today it happened in Des Moines, Iowa. The Des Moines Register, owned by the corporate controlled media monster, Gannet, and Iowa Public Broadcasting, yet another dumbed down version of the Peter’s Principle PBS, banned Dennis Kucinich from its debate.

Not One. Not One of the pretenders to democracy from the Democratic Party hierarchy protested.

The petty reason given for the Kucinich ban was: 1- his state campaign headquarters was located in the home of the state coordinator. There are now hundreds of thousands of professionals who tele-commute, housing their offices in their homes. Approved by both state and federal tax agencies.

2- He didn’t have a full time paid campaign employee. This is not the rich persons campaign of Clinton, Obama and Edwards. This is a people’s campaign where every penny counts. This is simply class war now being played by the Democrats against their own ‘base.”

What we have is a perfect example of what that “progressive” change candidate Edwards touts as his dissenting theme: a “rigged” government that is totally “corrupt.” Thanks John. Not a peep about the rigged debate.

Not a peep from any of them: this served their interests. No more squirming in their thousand dollars designer suits next to the humbly dressed candidate from the working class. It was yet another time when they didn’t need to sit silently by as TV anchor after TV anchor avoided including Kucinich in the debate. One more time when they could avoid the obvious: when he answers questions the audience knows the difference between the truth he speaks and the lies they spin. One more time when they could play pass the ball amongst their peers to the exclusion of anyone outside the club.

These pols represent that very worst of the Democratic Party Machine that wants power for itself and its clients: the corporate controllers of the United States government. And the cowards they are, they will easily consent to anything that will limit the chance that Kucinich might be “electable” too if his message is heard. And its not just shame on them. Because these parasites have no shame.

Its shame on the progressive community for not standing up for both principle and ethical politics. AND lastly, shame on the Kucinich campaign for not taking this issue to the streets. If they won’t fight the fight, then there is no fight left in this campaign.

h/t: Dennis 4 President in 2008!

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Dennis Kucinich and Thursday’s Iowa Debate By Jean Hay Bright

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9 thoughts on “The Death Of Democracy – Silence The Opposition! by Michael O’McCarthy

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  3. Lo,
    D.C above has laid out an interesting facts, the set up for future of the poor children,
    “no youth programs”(probably signs saying No skateboarding, biking, skating, blading, Keep off Grass, et al..everywhere)for the safety of the children.

    No after school activities, arts, music, or mentor’s.

    So where do these Children[obese] roam, where ever it is, it involves crime,
    which involves police officer’s,
    which involves Court’s,
    which involves the Just-Ice System,
    which involves Institutionalization,
    which involves Probation Violations
    which dissolves into Revolving Doors

    And it could of been resolved by using our heads for thinking, instead of using policing, & more policing.

    As for Kucinich, we have the best government, money can buy,
    we’re told that this is your gal, or maybe its this other Guy.
    Which or whom ever you pick from the package,
    the decision was made, not for you, but the advantage.
    No longer, are “We the people…,” to be served,
    it’s cash for the buddies, it is well deserved
    Law-ed mindlessly into a corrupt institution,
    a Third Party, for the people, “our” only solution.

    Evict all Incumbents in ’08
    a Third Party, then Investigate.

  4. This smacks of the reported comments between
    Edwards and Clinton, early in the debate cycle,
    that there was not room to include all candidates
    in the debates? Suppose this is so? If so, do we
    want these “democrats” as our president…would
    they be any better than what we have now, if they
    have this propensity to shut up the opposition?

  5. Glitzqueen, But Kucinich HAS an office and staff in IA, just not a storefront one. Many businesses and campaigns run from home offices, a great way to save on energy consumption.

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  7. Oh, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who knows that Gannet is pure evil.

    They have made it impossible for the non-profits in Mountain Home to publicize anything in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Not just my new non-profit, but the Salvation Army is banned.

    Unless of course, your non-profit has a half-million dollar advertising budget, like the hospital here does.

    They are no more than a part of the neo-con propaganda machine and have completely squashed the non-profit youth center that I was starting here.

    Mountain Home has over 25% Childhood Poverty and virtually no youth programs for them. The hospital, the aforementioned half-million dollar advertising budget non-profit, gives lip service with a teen girl night out thing where they all get dressed up and put on makeup and gossip.

    Gannet loves that program, rather than the one that I advocate, which involves after school snacks, art, music, drama, dance, feed the children, etc.

    If I had a half a million dollars, they would help me, too. They have left this city in squalor, neglecting the needs of its children, while they continue to spew forth propaganda about how wonderful it is to live here with our wonderful hospital looking over us.

    By the way, the hospital is really awful. The EMT’s leave poor people on the floor, not even coming in with a way to check vitals. Or, they threaten to send poor people home from the hospital with deadly infections.

    The rich are treated very well by them, however.

    And Gannet publishes article after article after article about their excellence.

    I have hated Gannet for years.

    And the Democrats are not going to save us. Maybe Kucinich will.

  8. Oh, c’mon. All this everybody’s-out-to-get-Kucinich drivel makes me crazy. There was a rule about each candidate’s’ having an office and staff in Iowa by x-date (Oct. 1, I believe it was) and Gravel also didn’t choose to follow it, so wasn’t included. Both of them could easily have done otherwise. It was their call.

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