Faux & Friends: Dennis Kucinich Interview (video)

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How bad do they want to get him to say this is all a conspiracy against him. Through the whole interview the only thing they try to get him to say is it was all a conspiracy to keep him out.

Now it might be true, but come on give the guy some time to talk about the issues he believes in, instead of bring up a debate he did not get to be apart of. Give him some of the debate questions to counter balance him not being in the debate. Oh guess that makes not sense. Added: December 14, 2007


The Death Of Democracy – Silence The Opposition! by Michael O’McCarthy

Dennis Kucinich and Thursday’s Iowa Debate By Jean Hay Bright

Dennis Kucinich for President – Contribute



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  4. NOTICE how it’s only FOX who covers this, the NY Times wouldn’t even mention it! (nor would they publish my rants implicating them in starting the trend of trying to cover their tracks of spear-heading the run-up to war complicity with the goons which no amount of belated bush-bashing in their bogs can ever cure).

    Also this in from (I think originally) Peace Compass on Myspace:

    Remember this story?:
    “Clinton, Edwards overheard planning to eliminate other Democratic candidates Unaware that their microphones were still on following an NAACP Presidential Forum in Detroit on Thursday, Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards agreed to try to eliminate other Democratic Presidential candidates from future debates.

    According to the Associated Press, “Fox news microphones picked up Clinton and Edwards discussing their desire to limit future joint appearances to exclude some rivals lower in the crowded field.”

    My comment: What this publication is doing is nothing short of censorship. They are caving to Clinton, barring a very popular candidate from participating in an important forum based on a ridiculous technicality.

    If the Des Moines Register cared one wit about democracy, there could be no way they would exclude Dennis from the debate. Their refusal to allow Dennis is not only a vast injustice, but it is an irreconcilable crime.

    For the Des Moines Register to allow the two anti-war candidates to participate would be to besmirch the completely complicit corruption of the entire press in the absurd march-of-folly to war.

    Of COURSE this clip is only an attempt by fox to expose scandal within the democrats, (“subterfuge”?? You BET! and On Steroids!)

    But this shows what a gentleman Dennis is in refusing to take the bait! If it were I, I would have done a billo/neut doozy and RIPPED into the entire damn dem party, slandered and indicted Shillary for rigging the field, and called for ethics inquiries into the Des Moines Register for rigging the debate in perfectly illegal fashion for unsupportable reasons, and seen to it that the editors of that rag were FIRED and hopefully BANNED from journalism, and that this paper issue an immediate apology, and run front page articles of Dennis Kucinich positions on all the issues, and forced them to buy prime-time TV ads nation-wide of a Kucinich speech, to make up for his being blatantly and criminally excluded!

    Despite the ‘eating crow’ explanation for the Times refusal to cover the matter, and their refusal to even publish comments on their ‘live blog’ (or maybe nobody had any because the times readership has morphed itself into a bunch of upper-left-side zionist fake liberal right-wing pelosi democrat posers?), I remain perfectly FLABBERGHASTED that they categorically refuse to give the matter of impeachment, let alone Dennis, the debates, or anything controversial any play at all– It’s like the Ochs Sulzberger take their cue directly from Tel Aviv, and redact anything and everything anti-bush or anti-war (even if it should be a BANNER HEADLINE!)

  5. Dennis made the right point that the American people have the right to a full debate of the issues not a (commercial rent standard).
    The Democratic and Republican party should take issue with what has transpired. Who is next, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Ron Paul, or Fred Thompson, this is highly concerning and no candidate on either side should be excluded from a debate.
    America is a bought freedom and equality, we should protect those rights. For it’s more relevant to protect the man of modest means(like grass roots)than it is to give an upper hand to the ones (corporate funded) that have so much.

    Protect Equal Rights for all people.

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