Kucinich: Give me the vote, I’ll give you back your country! (video)

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December 15, 2007 Kucinich House Parties. Save the Bill of Rights. Contribute $100 to the Kucinich Campaign. Added: December 14, 2007


Today is the Day to Donate to Dennis Kucinich (video) + Declare your support for the Bill of Rights. TODAY!

Kucinich on HR 1955 Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Dennis Kucinich for President – Contribute



6 thoughts on “Kucinich: Give me the vote, I’ll give you back your country! (video)

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  4. One aspect of constitutional authority I wish Mr. Kucinich would further emphasize is the power granted Congress to allocate credit. Those suggesting the role of government has become onerous, though correct in certain respects, do the fuller potential of our unique form of government a disservice by not emphasizing the facts and history surrounding power Congress has to promote and advance the general welfare. Deferring to some mythical advantage in a barbaric relic of the past — namely, the gold standard — as well as some magical quality in “free markets” (of which there is no such thing; never was, and never will be), the sentiments exhibited by the common populist play right into the hands of those whose self-interests typically run counter to the greater, all-encompassing mandate of our republic.

    It seems the test of an American political candidate’s true worth as a prospective representative of the people is a simple one, and the degree to which entrenched interests allow that candidate to promote themselves as a viable choice is in direct proportion to the degree to which that candidate probably is a disaster waiting to happen.

    This is one reason why I would look at the lame exclusion of Congressman Dennis Kucinich from the Iowa debate as being a very positive sign, indeed, suggesting his is, among all candidates from both parties who are running for the office of president, the most potent prospective chief executive the people have to choose from.

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