Olbermann: Capitulation + Falafel-Guy Fatwa + Bushed! (videos)

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December 15, 2007


Keith talks to Markos Moulitsas from the Daily KOS about the Democrats caving on FISA and Iraq war funding. Also a note on the waterboarding story and whether torture works or not.

Falafel-Guy Fatwa

Countdown’s goes through Bill O’Reilly’s latest phony tyraid on the supposed “War on Christmas”. Dana Milbank weighs in.


Countdown’s list of the top three Bush scandals you may have forgotten about because of all of the new Bush scandals. Tonight’s: War Profiteer-Gate, Politics and Terror-Gate and Needless Secrecy-Gate.


Olbermann: How Rudolph Saved… + Camp Pain ‘08 + Writhe & Shine (videos)

Olbermann: Worst Person (video)

Bill Moyers Journal: Keith Olbermann + Massing of the Media + Dr. Ronald Walters (video; links)

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