Super sleuth Davis Fleetwood looks for answers in Iowa (video)

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Davis Fleetwood reports from Iowa.

A special report by popular video blogger Davis Fleetwood, who took to the streets of Des Moines with his camera and his questions, trying to get to the bottom of a major political mystery.  Added: December 15, 2007


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7 thoughts on “Super sleuth Davis Fleetwood looks for answers in Iowa (video)

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  2. Chad, you are right and you are a better man then me. I am super pissed specifically because I am a Kucinich supporter. Really, I should have been pissed when Mike Gravel was excluded from the previous debate.

    First they came for Gravel and I said nothing…then they can for Kucinich and no one gave a rats ass. LOL

    I’m glad you are outraged and NOT a supporter of Kucinich, you made me open my eyes to a broader concept by saying that. I really feel like crap about being such a hypocrite, to ask people to defend my candidate when I did not a damn thing to defend Gravel is absurd, I am ashamed of myself.

  3. Incredible! Pathetic! If the Iowa Democratic Party has nothing to do with setting up, planning (selecting the candidate participants), for the Iowa presidential debates then who is making these important decisions? The Iowa Register? Big corporate media? The Republican Party? Now I know why I sometimes choose to go into “media blackout” mode – if not merely for my own health and sanity of course. This truly was a travesty and failure of a fair, open, and HONEST democratic process that should provide equal time and access for all seeking high offices to speak to what’s left of the uber cynical-disenfranchised voting public.

    And all this even though I’m not even a Dennis Kucinich supporter (at this time) although I like most of his domestic policy positions much better than most of the domestic policies of Ron Paul. Yet, at this time I perceive that we need, as a nation and a world, RP’s foreign policy before most of DK’s domestic policy. Frankly though I support neither one of them wholeheartedly although either one of them would be vastly better for our nation and world than any of the rest of the candidates currently running.

    * Only an armed and informed citizenry can remain free.
    (I believe I’m paraphrasing a quote my uncle Mel stated often to me as a child, although I forget who he was quoting, and I haven’t taken the time to research it).
    * Take time each day to Consciously Breath Deeply and Thank Wholeheartedly whatever divinity you believe in (if you choose to believe in anything or anyone at all) for the precious gift that is life.

  4. The Iowa Democratic Party has nothing to do with the debate. Riiiight. I mean whats government of the people these days? That old thing? This is rule by corporate power. Look at her, she is not a innocent bystander, she should be the one outraged. Davis Fleetwood is doing her job and she sits there.

    These people have no shame!

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