Today is the Day to Donate to Dennis Kucinich (video) + Declare your support for the Bill of Rights. TODAY!

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Today is the Day to Donate to Dennis Kucinich Campaign For President of the United States

Added: December 15, 2007


From an email:

Declare your support for the Bill of Rights. TODAY!

December 15th, 1791: The Bill of Rights becomes the law of the land…

December 15th, 2007: The Bill of Rights and American democracy are under attack.

Today is the day you can re-dedicate yourself to our founding principles by pledging your support to the one Presidential candidate who is fighting to defend our Constitution: Dennis Kucinich.

American democracy was still in its infancy 216 years ago when this nation’s brave and visionary leaders adopted the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution to establish and defend our rights and our freedoms. Today, the President and the Vice President stand accused of violating the Bill of Rights, as well as the Constitution itself. And Dennis is leading the charge to hold them accountable.

Today, on this very special day, you can join with hundreds of thousands of other Americans who are working with Dennis to defend and uphold the Constitution. Grassroots supporters from across the country are making pledges of $100 to bring a huge influx of funding into the campaign – by the end of the day! – to support Dennis and his efforts.

Click here to make a contribution and to be part of this monumental drive.

As we celebrate the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, we must also take strong, immediate, and concerted action to defend the laws and principles of our nation against the relentless and unrepentant attacks by the Bush Administration. Today is the day to do that.

Join Dennis and countless others by sending a loud and clear message: This document is the foundation of our democracy and the heartbeat of our nation. And will not allow it to be ignored or violated.

Please pass this message along to your family, friends, and co-workers. Together, We The People we can protect and defend our Constitution! Together we will take our country back!

Please contribute $100 TODAY to protect the Bill of Rights and help Dennis continue being our voice in representing and defending our values.

Thank you,
The Kucinich Campaign

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