Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!

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From an email:

Attention All Kucinich Supporters/Volunteers/Organizers

The time has come to take the Kucinich campaign off the Internet and into the streets of our local communities. If you’re interested in doing things in the real world for Dennis then you have to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group! It’s Free and there’s one in every state!

The Meetup Groups are by far the best way to get involved with other Kucinich supporters in your State!

With all the necessary tools for grassroots organizing built right into the Meetup group it will be easy for you to connect with other supporter/organizers and build a successful grassroots Kucinich for President Statewide Organization.

Your Kucinich Statewide Meetup group will:
* Help you find others in your area who support Dennis Kucinich
* Help you stay informed about Kucinich Events/Meetings/Activities in your State.

* Help remind you about upcoming Activities that you want to attend.
* Help you promote your own Kucinich related Events to the rest of the Group.

* Help you communicate with individual group members or the Whole Group easily without having to give out your email address.

I know a lot of you don’t want to join another list because your already on so many. However, your Statewide Meetup Group is too important to not join, even if you have to remove yourself from other Kucinich lists to do it. We believe the Meetup Groups are the most powerful organizing tool the campaign has available.

Dennis needs everyone to hit the streets and help spread his message of Strength through Peace to as many people as possible. Please Join your Statewide group right now!


Alabama: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/412/

Alaska: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/425/

Arizona: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/385/

Arkansas: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/410/

California: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/117/

Colorado: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/367/

Connecticut: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/401/

Delaware: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/403/

District of Columbia: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/369/

Florida: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/323/

Georgia: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/319/

Hawaii: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/427/

Idaho: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/430/

Illinois: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/368/

Indiana: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/405/

Iowa: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/413/

Kansas: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/418/

Kentucky: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/408/

Louisiana: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/411/

Maine: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/398/

Maryland: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/404/

Massachusetts: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/328/

Michigan: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/406/

Minnesota: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/415/

Mississippi: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/333/

Missouri: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/384/

Montana: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/424/

Nebraska: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/423/

Nevada: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/428/

New Hampshire: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/359/

New Jersey: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/320/

New Mexico: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/419/

New York: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/326/

North Carolina: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/324/

North Dakota: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/416/

Ohio: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/407/

Oklahoma: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/422/

Oregon: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/24/

Pennsylvania: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/370/

Rhode Island: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/402/

South Carolina: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/325/

South Dakota: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/417/

Tennessee: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/383/

Texas: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/362/

Utah: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/375/

Vermont: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/362/

Virginia: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/382/

Washington: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/352/

West Virginia: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/409/

Wisconsin: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/414/

Wyoming: http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/426/

Heres a link to all the Kucinich Meetup Groups (statewide and other): http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/about

After joining your Statewide meetup group help us spread the word and tell everyone you know to join theirs!

Located on each group is a section called promote. From the promote section you can invite others to join and also get group stickers to put on your personal internet sites/blogs. Thank you for your support.


Robert Ruszkowski & Anita Stewart

Director and Deputy Director of Virtual Outreach

Kucinich for President 2008, Inc.

Strength through Peace

Dennis 4 President