– Recap (Kucinich)

Dandelion Salad – Recap
Dec. 17, 2007


  • You really made a difference!
  • While the results below show that we fell short of the goal, the fact is, we have contributed a considerable amount to the Kucinich campaign.
  • Without furter ado, here are the results …



  • $131,400 TOTAL
    • $86,400 made directly to the Kucinich site
    • $45,000 made to ActBlue
  • Approximately 1,592 donors (1,072 to Kucinich, approx. 520 to ActBlue)
    • At least 665 were new donors (As determined via contributions to the Kucinich site. New donor results via ActBlue are not known.)
    • Average donation works out to $82
  • December 15, combined with the Black Friday event and the Nov 29 drive, will amount to a very successful 4th quarter for Dennis Kucinich. You can view historical data, as well as the 4th quarter results when they are released, at
  • Special thanks to rcut for the tireless promotional efforts, and to Adam for his help with the graphs. And thanks to everyone else that posted stories, voted for stories, sent emails and anything else!



  • I am working on ideas for future drives. I will send out one last email to this list once the details are worked out.



  • There is a new forum for Kucinich supporters:
  • Check it out – it’s a great way to stay connected with people that were part of this event.



  • As we have all seen, Congress plays an integral role in shaping the direction of the country. Or should I say, *should* play a role.
  • It is obvious that we cannot simply rely on electing the right president. We must also work to elect the right Congress.
  • Visit to join that movement
  • Seriously, check it out -)



  • As you may have seen in the recent Kucinich email, it is very important that we do what we can to expand Kucinich’s exposure from the Internet and into real life.
  • Join a Meetup group near you:

Once again, thank you, everyone.

Stay involved,

William Scott Hunter

h/t: Danielle


Time to join your Dennis Kucinich Statewide Meetup group!

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