Ron Paul Money Bomb Dec. 16, Fox News Reports (video)

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So in total about 90secs of “Ron Paul” time by faux news over the course of 12 hours. This is every sec I could find through out the entire morning.

They spent over a hour in the same 12 hours talking about Joe Lieberman endorsement of John Mccain.

If this was any of the faux declared “front-runners” this would have been a top story all day, heck all week.

Added: December 17, 2007


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6 thoughts on “Ron Paul Money Bomb Dec. 16, Fox News Reports (video)

  1. I was wondering how un-“fair & un-balanced” faux news would be given this incredible show of support. The polls are also just as un-“fair & un-balanced”. There really is a war for your mind be waged by the elite. Wake up America!

  2. what this shows is that a group of individuals working together voluntarily on the local level is able to exert an undeniable collective influence and pressure at the top.

    this has taken us to a whole new way of doing politics.

    we will continue to exert this kind of decentralized, local, voluntary, cooperative, holistic, bottom-up pressure regardless of whether or not ron paul win’s the nomination. this is the way we will influence the market, as well, introducing a whole new level of corporate responsibility and accountability. if the “captains of industry” don’t respond to our needs; if the bureaucrats in washington don’t represent our interests; we will redirect our wealth elsewhere.

    it’s about *us* now, it is about the ideas *we* are launching into the representative system via paul. we are going to take back this country and no one can stop us. period.


  3. racism? ha! ron paul’s policies would eliminate racism from the government (that is, rewarding and/or punishing people based on their skin color with tax payer money), and it would be up to us to eliminate racism from the private sector by refusing to do business with any company that practices discrimination and achieving a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity by starting enterprises of our own (with the wealth that has been returned to us on the local level under paul’s administration) based on the cooperative model and community responsibility.


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