The Financing of Fundamentalism, & the Antichrist by Rev. Richard Skaff

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by Rev. Richard Skaff
Global Research, December 17, 2007

What is religious fundamentalism? Who promotes it? What purpose does it serve? And how to curtail it?

A recent report by Jason Leopold a senior editor of truthout, stated that:

‘The Defense Department allegedly provided two fundamentalist Christian organizations exclusive access to several military bases around the country. This access became official sanction for these groups to proselytize amid the ranks, despite the fact that such activities were in violation to federal law. In addition, the evangelical Christian groups have posted detailed instruction guides on their web site that advises their members about tactics to use to win over soldiers, or “Pre-Christians,” to evangelical Christianity when visiting military installations around the country.

The report also added that “according to a week-long investigation by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a government watchdog organization, the evidence it has uncovered proves the pentagon has been engaged in a pattern of widespread evangelizing in violation of clause 3, article IV of the constitution, which forbids a religion test for any position in the federal government, and the Establishment clause of the First Amendment of the Bill of Right, which says congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of a religion. Furthermore, individuals representing a specific denomination may only offer spiritual guidance to soldiers and are prohibited from using “the machinery of the state” to proselytize or try to convert members of the military.” (Leopold, 2007).

Religious fundamentalism is a giant movement that stresses a strict attitude, a literal adherence to a set of basic principles, and a literal interpretation of religious books.

History can be compelling and illuminating if people take the time to learn it. However, knowing history has never deterred man from repeating it.

Brief history:

The Anglo-American intelligence services began the infiltration and the financing of Islamic groups in the 60s and 70s starting with the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt, and ending with many others in which they orchestrated and created.

The concept behind this process was that Islamism is anti-communism, and since 30 percent of the late Soviet Union was Islamic, it made perfect sense to plant the seed, and fuel this movement in order to destabilize the alleged iron curtain.

According to Cooley (2000) The US and its allies Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, with the cooperation of the Israelis officially established on September 1, 1976 what was known as “the Safari Club.”

This club was responsible for financing, training, and launching the New-old brand of Islamism carried on by mercenaries called the Moujahidin or the freedom fighters in Afghanistan and many other regions in the globe.

Millions were spent to create staff, offices, communications, and operational capabilities. Many of the Islamic charity offices that were busted after 9/11 by the Bush administration were established in the 80s by the CIA as a front for a recruitment operation to find young gullible or desperate Moslems who were willing to fight communism and defend the Moslem land of Afghanistan. The financing of the Afghani-Russian (Soviet) war paid great dividend for the Military Industrial Complex just as did every other war including Vietnam.

An organization or a society that is based on war has its own self-preservation needs. It must create and perpetuate conflict and wars in order to survive. The implicit understanding of the long-term goal of the Safari Club and the Afghanistan operation was that these freedom fighters/mercenaries would become a tool for the intelligence community that would help create turmoil, division, and low intensity conflicts whenever it is strategically or economically needed. That in turn will perpetuate the need for war.

The reality is that fundamentalism is globalization’s best friend, because it divides people, weakens the community, and renders everyone into a softer target to be manipulated, propagandized, and molded.

The Reagan administration was chosen by the money people, because of Reagan’s belief system and orientation. These money people who control intelligence services under the guise of being the super-patriots, made the Reagan administration the fertile ground for fostering Christian fundamentalism to counteract the Islamic fundamentalism in which they already have brought into existence. These capitalists/socialists/ money masters who also financed the Soviet Union already knew that they were going to pull the plug on the Soviet experiment, therefore, a new monster had to be created, and they had to pave the way for new wave of fear and continuous discord.

What is better than religious fundamentalism to create this menon?

Ironically, the majority of the money masters believe that religion is for idiots, however, financing it and promoting it is a different story, as it becomes a necessity that undergirds their desired results through lasting contrived conflicts.

The creation of two extremists camps, the Jesus camp and the Mohammed camp has been a great success for the global establishment as we have witnessed in the past few years.


Fundamentalism engenders fear, which in turn manufactures consent among the ignoramus. The virus of extremism was injected in many countries to cause them illness and self-destruction, as well as to control their leaders, dismantle their societies, and exploit their resources.

“Nationalism is the archenemy of globalization” (Skaff, 2007). No nation shall have true sovereignty, in the new global order.

The thugs and the mercenaries shall rule in this new world order, as they become the speakers for the rest of humanity. Ideology becomes an essential tool for effective propaganda. All that was needed was a major event like a Pearl Harbor, or a 9/11, which in turn created the new conflict of the century, and as a result, cameras will be placed on every corner, surveillance of every citizen’s conversation will be captured, and the micro-chipping of every human and animal will happen in order to establish a total information awareness network, and a complete control of humanity.

The New Reich has risen!


Can we curtail fundamentalism and reverse the tide? Unlikely, because the only way to end it is by ceasing the currency flow, and since ordinary citizens have no longer any control over money or over their lives, nothing can be done about it. However, the elite have always underestimated the common man. Our only chance to reverse this trend is by caring and becoming involved, by protesting lies and injustice, by voting people out while voting isstill an option, by educating ourselves, learning history, turning television sets off, researching the wealth of information that is still available to us, thinking, and demanding the truth. Throughout history the elite have despised the masses, but feared their rage that could depose them overnight.

Control is an absolute illusion. Many in history have thought that they had total control over their lives, or the countries they ruled, until they were awakened by a rude jolt of reality.

For every evil action, there must be an equal or opposite reaction that will eventually cause the evildoers to self-destruct.

The antichrist is not an individual but a group of people that have infiltrated every aspect of society and have conquered the world financially and militarily if needed.

It is an international group that call themselves citizens of the world, (i.e. like our infamous David Rockefeller and his henchmen (Kissinger and Brzezinski) who’s ultimate goals are the illusions of power, control, and the desire to be god.

It is pathological narcissism gone wild!


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© Copyright Richard Skaff, Global Research, 2007
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