Kucinich pushes to get troops out of Iraq By Kevin Landrigan (video link; 11.29.07)

This is a very good in-depth interview. Dennis explains his health care plan, too.  He goes into gun control.  Listen to him talk about these issues in detail.   ~ Lo

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By Kevin Landrigan
Telegraph Staff
Thursday, November 29, 2007

NASHUA – Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich warned his party would again lose the White House in November 2008 with a nominee who supports the continued presence of American troops in the Iraq.

The Ohio congressman vowed to remove all troops from the country within three months of taking office and replace them with a multi-national, United Nations-led peacekeeping force.

continued…plus hour long interview (video)

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4 thoughts on “Kucinich pushes to get troops out of Iraq By Kevin Landrigan (video link; 11.29.07)

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  4. Oh yes! Let’s!

    Let’s shatter a nation and then leave – again – just every Western power before us.

    Wake up! Some mistakes – and I firmly believe Iraq was one – you can’t just walk away from.

    Someday the Left will put aside its selfishness and realize that the US has to stabilize Iraq before we can leave. No! that doesn’t mean not changing our military agenda, but it also doesn’t mean pulling out wholesale.

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