Note to Liberals: The Right Does Not “Hate Government” by Paul Street

Dandelion Salad

by Paul Street
Dissident Voice
December 18th, 2007

“Progressive Victory”

Maybe it’s some sort of “progressive victory” that Daily Kos publisher Markos Moulitsas is a contributing columnist at the longstanding “mainstream” (corporate) media outlet Newsweek magazine. That’s what a liberal I know tells me.

I wouldn’t really know if he’s right since I almost never get to Daily Kos. I’m too busy with the leading dominant media organs and (the only antidote that works for me) explicitly left outlets like Z Magazine, ZNet, CounterPunch, Black Agenda Report, International Socialist Review, and Dissident Voice. So I’m not in the best position to comment on how much of a left attainment it is that “the world’s most powerful liberal blogger” (Jack Tapper, “Inside the Mind of the World’s Most Powerful Liberal Blogger,” ABC News, June 24, 2006) is a regular presence in corporate news and commentary.

“Liberal Media” Operative Karl Rove: “Stay Strong on Iraq”

But two things tend to dampen my excitement over Moulitsas’ job at Newsweek. First, the magazine has also just given regular column space to a new and most definitely NOT progressive “writer”: Karl Rove, the smiling, semi-Satanic architect of the Bush II administration’s monumentally plutocratic, regressive, arch-authoritarian, and messianic-militarist political strategy from 2000 through late 2006. Rove made his lovely debut working for “the liberal media” last week, penning a Newsweek column in which he counseled Republicans to defeat that great radical Hillary Clinton by “staying strong on Iraq.” He still has the revolting chutzpah to call Iraq a “vital battleground in the war on terror.” (Karol Rove, “How to Beat Hillary (Next) November,” Newsweek, November 26, 2007, p.39)

American government is weak and cash-strapped when it comes to social democracy for the people but its cup runs over in powerful ways when it comes to meeting the needs of wealth, racial disparity and empire. It can afford to spend trillions on arch-plutocratic tax cuts rewarding the top 1 percent in the disingenuous name of “economic stimulus.” It can spend more on the military than on all possible enemy states combined many times over, providing massive subsidy to the high-tech corporate sector, including billions on weapons and “defense” systems that bear no meaningful relation to any real threat faced by the American people. It can afford to incapacitate and incarcerate a greater share of its population than any nation in history and to spend hundreds of millions each year on various forms of corporate welfare and other routine public subsidies to “private” industry.