Ron Paul On Glenn Beck (videos)

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Found replacement videos.  ~ DS

Topics: NAU, economy, taxes, foreign policy, 9-11 Truth, and more.


Glenn Beck speaks with Ron Paul, one full hour with Ron Paul! Added: December 18, 2007








In a Hole? Dig Deeper! A Reply to the Left on Ron Paul by Sherry Wolf

12 thoughts on “Ron Paul On Glenn Beck (videos)

  1. Thank you, jsouth.

    BoringTrash, it’s not always about what you would or wouldn’t use but maybe what other people need.

    Libertarians = “me”

    Socialists = “we”

    It’s a different outlook on life. It’s not only about us (you and your family) but about other people and their families.

  2. jsouth, you don’t mind paying taxes for things you don’t use?
    Income Tax is a fraud. The Government prints their own money anyways. So they don’t even need income Tax.

  3. Ron Paul may have a liberal veneer because he is against the war, but you have to consider the philosophy behind why he is opposed to war–libertarianism is really a very conservative, regressive ideology. Also, I do not mind paying taxes at all, as long as they are being used to help others, support social services and public works projects, provide healthcare, help schools, etc.

  4. Hi Laura, I couldn’t watch it either, I do not care for Beck at all.

    Glad you are happy with McKinney’s announcement of her candidacy. Although her positions are much more like Kucinich’s than Paul’s in my opinion.

  5. I am so happy that if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, I can continue my vote for the Independent/ Green Party! I get to vote for an awesome black woman for President! HURRAH!

    Go Cynthia McKinney!

  6. I refuse to watch the Glen Beck interview. I despise him. May he saddle up and go to Iraq and fight like a real man. Glen Beck is a facist coward.

  7. I read Sherry Wolf’s article critical of Paul. She raises points that all should consider when considering a potential candidate. However, one can support Paul based upon what he or she believes is needed at the time and not agree with all the candidate’s positions. This country needs to abolish the Federal Reserve system and the IRS. This centralized control functions as a cancer that has economic and social permutations throughout our society. My hope is that Paul can remove these Leviathans. So far no other candidate has even raised the issue.

  8. I thought the interview was very well conducted, but I wouldn’t expect any less from Glenn Beck. I agree with a lot of what Dr. Paul says, and believe that Beck gave him a good forum upon which to explain his views more fully than he has been given in the past. I’m interested to see how he is treated on Meet the Press this weekend.

  9. What was more interesting tonight was a PBS show on Ralph Nader. It was an amazing film and I find myself in gratitude in the liberty seeds that he has sown. We have to acknowledge the liberatarian party and the other political parties that exist.
    I hope Nader and Ron Paul will, at least, create the birthpangs for a real revolution. If not 2008..maybe in our lifetime.

    It is time to get rid of the two-headed snake

  10. I saw that, I thought it was going to be a good interview but he tried to make Ron look like a conspiracy nut and mentioned that some of Ron’s supporters thought he should be executed. Why would he mention that if he weren’t trying to smear Paul’s supporters? He got an e-mail from me after this interview.

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