Yemeni Man Imprisoned at CIA “Black Sites” Tells His Story of Kidnapping & Torture (video link)

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Dec. 18, 2007

Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah, a victim of the CIA rendition program—kidnapped, held in secret jails, and tortured—speaks out in his first broadcast interview. In the fall of 2003, Bashmilah was detained in Jordan and turned over to the CIA. He was eventually flown to a secret prison he later found out was in Kabul, Afghanistan. In CIA custody, Mohamed says he was held in a freezing-cold cell, interrogated, shackled, force-fed and subjected to sleep deprivation and loud music for days. He attempted suicide at least three times. He talks about his interrogators and the American psychiatrists or psychologists who also played a role. Bashmilah has brought a lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan, a Boeing subsidiary, accused of abetting his kidnapping. In an in-depth and detailed interview from his home in Yemen, Bashmilah tell us his harrowing story. [includes rush transcript]

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Meg Satterthwaite, Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at the New York University Law school. She is Mohamed Bashmilah’s attorney.

Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah, a Yemeni man imprisoned in several CIA black sites. He was held for over a year and a half and was never charged. He is translated by Fuad Yahya.


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