Fox Attacks! Edwards and Obama (video; action alert)

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Open Letter: bullies at FOX are at it again. This time, they are trying to get Senator Obama and Senator Edwards to buckle to their threats and accusations. The senators are standing tall, tough and strong.

We must encourage them to resist the name-calling and intimidation and refuse to legitimize the propaganda network.

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Added: December 19, 2007

2 thoughts on “Fox Attacks! Edwards and Obama (video; action alert)

  1. I could care less if Fox attacks Edwards or Obama. They’re all on the same side. Fox won’t give them air time? Who cares. They get virtually all the air time to express their views during the debates while people with a real message like Kucinich,Paul, Gravel, and Richardson practically have to beg for 30 seconds. Any time I can watch these ravenous establishment hounds rip into one another it’s a welcome site. They can rip each other to shreds for all I care.

  2. Dandy,
    I refuse to believe any of the Major Net-Works, bias against each other to garner viewing ratings, NO MORE, they are now, under my control. To be blocked, and they did themselves, just spewing jibberish to entertain, which is thought control, mindlessly believing their slanted B./S. !
    Kucinich, or Paul, ever heard of them, not unless it is a sound bite, did ya catch it ? That is unless it is bashing, isn’t assault against the Law ?

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