Let Kucinich Speak! by Freda Moon

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Let Kucinich Speak!

Interview by Freda Moon
December 20, 2007

Dennis Kucinich got left out of the last Democratic debate. Here’s what he might have added to it.

In August, the Advocate interviewed progressive Democrat Dennis Kucinich at his campaign office in Dover, New Hampshire. Had he been allowed to participate in Thursday’s Democratic presidental debates in Iowa, here’s a sampling of what he might have had the opportunity to say.

On Reparations

A rising tide lifts all boats. We need an economic tide to rise in this country where every person has a living wage, where every person has a job—every person who is able to work, where each person has healthcare through a not-for-profit healthcare system, where each child ages 3–through–college age has a chance for a fully-paid public education, and where each person has a chance for decent housing and each person has a chance for a secure retirement. These are fundamental in a democratic society. Where are we today? Nowhere near that. And who happens to be suffering the most? People of color.


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