Fox Attacks! Edwards and Obama (video; action alert)

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Open Letter: bullies at FOX are at it again. This time, they are trying to get Senator Obama and Senator Edwards to buckle to their threats and accusations. The senators are standing tall, tough and strong.

We must encourage them to resist the name-calling and intimidation and refuse to legitimize the propaganda network.

Sign the open letter:

Added: December 19, 2007

Why Shrub’s Freeze Should Give You the Shivers by The Other Katherine Harris

The Other Katherine Harris

by The Other Katherine Harris

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The Other Katherine Harris’s blog
Dec. 19, 2007

Shrub’s five-year “freeze” of mortgage interest rates for around half a million subprime borrowers facing foreclosure — accompanied by FHA refinancing for about an equal number (who’ll get socked with prepayment penalties) — leaves at least another million less credit-worthy mortgagees out in the cold. But that’s not the only reason why the plan is wrongheaded, or even the main reason.

It’s essentially a contrivance devised by the banking industry to protect themselves, as California attorney Sean Olender wrote recently for the San Francisco Chronicle. Being an attorney, rather than a journalist, he can be forgiven for burying the lead of his story, which built a case toward this conclusion:

“It is truly amazing that … everyone in the country is deferring to (Treasury Secretary Henry) Paulson and the heads of Countrywide, JPMorgan, Bank of America and others as the best group to work out a solution to this problem. No one is talking about the fact that these people created the problem and profited to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars from it. I suspect that such a group first … tried to figure out how to protect their financial interests and avoid criminal liability. And then when they agreed on the plan, they decided to sell it as ‘helping working families stay in their homes.’ That’s why these meetings were secret… (W)e’re talking about criminal fraud here. We are on the cusp of a mammoth financial crisis, and the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are trying to limit the liability of their banking friends under the guise of trying to help borrowers.”

Olender’s incisive article told us earlier, “The sole goal of the freeze is to prevent owners of mortgage-backed securities, many of them foreigners, from suing U.S. banks and forcing them to buy back worthless mortgage securities at face value …(currently) almost 10 times their market worth.”

Yes, mortgage bond investors, quite possibly including your pension or 401(k) fund, have the contractual right to demand buy-back when fraud was involved in the loans’ origination. And, as Olender stated, “fraud is everywhere. It’s in the loan application documents and … appraisals. There are e-mails and memos … showing that many people in banks, investment banks and appraisal companies — all the way up to senior management — knew about it. I can hear the hum of shredders working overtime…”

If investors okay these new deals that divulge honest wage and asset information, the guilty gain a shield against fraud claims. “The key is to refinance borrowers whose current loans involved fraud in the origination process,” wrote Olender. “The government is trying to accomplish wide-scale refinancing by tricking bond investors, or by tricking U.S. taxpayers. Guess who will foot the bill now that the FHA is entering the fray …”

Investors also stand to lose by agreeing to defer foreclosures, most of which will happen eventually (unless the “freeze” goes on forever), because additional declines in residential property prices are expected. “In October,” Olender reminded us, “Goldman Sachs issued a report forecasting an incredible 35 to 40 percent drop in California home prices in the coming few years.”

Olender further reminded us that Paulson headed Goldman Sachs until mid-2006. when the brewing debacle was evident to insiders (such as himself). According to a New York Times article published last month, Goldman Sachs Rakes In Profit in Credit Crisis, the firm’s mortgage desk holdings were already down when, in late 2006, they began reducing them dramatically and acquiring costly insurance to protect against more losses. This story adds:

“Even Goldman, which saw the problems coming, continued to package risky mortgages to sell to investors. Some of those investors took losses on those securities, while Goldman’s hedges were profitable. When the credit markets seized up in late July, Goldman was in the enviable position of having offloaded the toxic products… Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS, Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley, among others, had kept buying… This contrast in performance has been hard for competitors to swallow. The bank that seems to have a hand in so many deals and products and regions made more money in the boom and, at least so far, has managed to keep making money through the bust.”

They’re not just scraping by during tough times, either. Goldman reported $2.85 billion in profit in this year’s third quarter, up 79 percent, and as of mid-November, its stock was up about 13 percent for the year (while that of other leading Wall Street banks had tumbled by almost 40 percent).

Getting back to Olender’s analysis, he asked — reasonably enough: “If a mortgage bond investor sues Goldman Sachs to force the institution to buy back loans, could Paulson be forced to testify as to whether Goldman Sachs knew or had reason to know about fraud in the origination process of the loans it was bundling?”

It would also be fair to ask why his firm continued selling the junk, while privately betting heavily against the housing industry — and why Goldman execs are now backing Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton with big money and public endorsements.

In sum, if Shrub’s freeze merely piles fraud atop fraud, is there a genuine solution? I like Olender’s:

“What would be prudent and logical is for the banks that sold this toxic waste to buy it back and for a lot of people to go to prison. If they knew about the fraud, they should have to buy the bonds back. The time to look into this is before the shredders have worked their magic — not five years from now.”

For this scenario to have any chance of playing out — thus forcing those who raked in hundreds of billions off their scam to work out a deal with those they scammed, instead of picking our pockets — I suggest supporting John Edwards.

Huge, huge money is at stake here — enough to finish Shrub’s job of enslaving Americans for generations, if we let ourselves get stuck with the tab. Assuming Olender is right, the chilling truth is that “loans at issue dwarf the capital available at the largest U.S. banks combined, and investor lawsuits would raise stunning liability sufficient to cause even the largest U.S. banks to fail, resulting in massive taxpayer-funded bailouts of Fannie and Freddie, and even FDIC.”

And that would be on top of gigantic interest payments serving the additional national debt run up by Shrub and His Thugs: nearly $4 trillion, which economist Joseph Steiglitz noted will represent “even at 5 percent … an annual payment of $200 billion, two Iraq wars a year.”

Dennis Kucinich: a Democrat’s Democrat + Size and Role of Govt (video)

Go to and click the candidate’s photo to hear his/her answers to these 10 questions. Then vote. ~ Lo

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Dec. 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich – size and role of government


Dennis Kucinich: Election Reform + Public Funding of Elections + Corporate Personhood + Open Honest Govt (video)

Dennis Kucinich: The Constitution; Net Neutrality; Medical Marijuana; Religion (videos)

Scratching Under The Surface by William Mac (video)

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This Week in Time

This Week in Time from Tuesday December 11 to Monday December 17 has been all about scratching under the surface.

William Mac talks about the negotiations between the U.S. and the United Nations concerning Global Warming negotiations. Why cut our emissions? Global Warming isn’t caused by greenhouse gases. Say what? That’s right, screw the environmentalists in the U.N for that one.

William Mac also scratches under the surface of the telecommunications companies debacle going on in the Senate. NO IMMUNITY! Hold them accountable. Maybe then, next time, companies will be more apt to say “Maybe you should get this approved by congress before we help you spy on millions of Americans illegally”. What a weird idea!

Plus, kids SHOULD be allowed to play dodge ball! It builds character.
Added: December 19, 2007

Does anybody care if Bangladesh drowns? + Who cares if the world drowns? (videos)

How It All Ends (Global Warming; video; links)

Dennis Kucinich: Election Reform + Public Funding of Elections + Corporate Personhood + Open Honest Govt (video)

Go to and click the candidate’s photo to hear his/her answers to these 10 questions. Then vote.  ~ Lo

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Dec. 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich – election reform

Dennis Kucinich – public funding of elections

Dennis Kucinich – corporate personhood

Dennis Kucinich – open honest government


The Corporation (must-see video)

Only Pawns in the Game By Stephen Fleischman

Kucinich proposes U.S. out of Iraq in 3 months (video)

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The 2008 presidential candidates have different priorities for Iraq. This video graphs four prominent Democratic candidates’ stated exit timelines so you can compare them for yourself.

Added: December 18, 2007


Kucinich pushes to get troops out of Iraq By Kevin Landrigan (video link; 11.29.07)

Dennis Kucinich: The Constitution; Net Neutrality; Medical Marijuana; Religion (videos)

Go to and click the candidate’s photo to hear his/her answers to these 10 questions. Then vote.  ~ Lo

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Dec. 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich talks about the constitution for

Dennis Kucinich – Net Neutrality

Dennis Kucinich – Medical Marijuana

Dennis Kucinich – Religion and Government


The case for Kucinich By Tom Gallagher

Dennis Kucinich: Election Reform + Public Funding of Elections + Corporate Personhood + Open Honest Govt (video)

Dennis Kucinich: a Democrat’s Democrat (video)

Why a Palestinian “State” is a Punitive Construct By Ahmad Samih Khalidi

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By Ahmad Samih Khalidi
12/17/07 “Counterpunch

Thanks, But No Thanks

The Palestinian state has now become the universal standard for all solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The international community applauds the concept. President Bush proudly proclaims it as his “vision”. The Israelis have come to it belatedly, after years of steadfast refusal and rejection.

Today Israel’s prime minister, Ehud Olmert, not only supports the idea but proclaims it as an existential Israeli interest: without it, Israel is fated to disappear under dire assault from the ever-expanding Arab population in both Israel and the occupied territories. This apparent human tide may yet bring disaster to the Jewish state, by demanding equal civil rights to those of the Jews themselves.

But statehood as such is a relatively recent addition to Palestinian aspirations. The main Palestinian impetus after the disaster of 1948 was that of “return”; it was more about reversing the loss of Arab land and patrimony, than the fulfilment of classical post-colonial self-determination, via statehood.

Driven into national concussion by the catastrophic forced displacement of 1948 and up until the mid-1960s, the sense of a separate “Palestinian” national identity all but disappeared. This “lost consciousness” was only reversed by the emergence of Fatah under Yasser Arafat in the Arab diaspora in the late 1950s.

It was only after the 1967 debacle that a new Palestinian national identity began to take shape. At its core was the notion of the armed struggle as a galvanising force. Armed struggle, according to Fatah, restored Palestinian dignity and gave the Palestinians a say in determining their future.

Statehood and state building had no real place in this scheme. Indeed, the first tentative proposals to establish a state in Palestine (ie the West Bank) were rejected as defeatist and a betrayal of the national cause. This was certainly not an exercise in institution building, land acquisition and state building by stealth, as in the Zionist movement before 1948. After the 1973 war, Fatah’s leaders turned to the notion again. This was largely the result of a realistic reading of the balance of power and a recognition of the limits of what force, on the part of the Arab states or Palestinian irregulars, was likely to achieve. Eventually, in 1988, Arafat himself backed the idea of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders as a historic compromise; Israel behind these borders would get 77% of Mandatory Palestine, and the Palestinians would be reconciled to the remaining 23%.

Today, the Palestinian state is largely a punitive construct devised by the Palestinians’ worst historical enemies: Israel and its implacable ally, the US. The intention behind the state today is to constrain Palestinian aspirations territorially, to force them to give up on their moral rights, renege on their history and submit to Israel’s diktats on fundamental issues of sovereignty.

Its core is the rump Palestinian Authority that is now fundamentally sustained by the IDF presence on the West Bank. The PA is increasingly being turned into an accoutrement of Israeli occupation; its function is to serve Israeli security interests as designated by Israel itself and the US military teams that have been overseeing the buildup of Palestinian security forces.

It is very unclear how an independent state can be built on the spears of the very force that is occupying it. Or how state institutions can be constructed while the occupation continues to determine every aspect of Palestinian life.

The notion of a state was an offshoot of the Palestinian struggle and not its nodal point. Nonetheless, there was a period from the mid-1970s onwards when the state could have represented the point where Palestinian national aspirations met the boundaries of what is possible.

Now this concept is less attractive than ever. Olmert demands of Palestinians that they must give up their history. President Bush decides for them what their borders and rights must be. And Tony Blair wags a finger and tells Palestinians that they won’t get a state at all unless, it meets his high standards (sic) of governance .

The temptation is to say, thanks, but no thanks. Under such circumstances, Palestinians may just opt for something else. They could evoke Olmert’s worst nightmare and call for a more equitable and fair resolution that is built on a different basis; one of mutual respect, equality and mutuality, and a sense of genuine partnership in sharing the land.

Or Palestinians could simply continue to say no to a state that does nothing to address its basic needs. Either way, its hard to see how Israel can win this struggle in the long term.

Ahmad Samih Khalidi is a senior associate member of St Antony’s College, Oxford

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Iraq Does Exist By Ghali Hassan

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By Ghali Hassan
12/16/07 “ICH

The history of trying to obfuscate the truth and distort the image of Iraq has always been the aim of the U.S. aggression against the people of Iraq. There is the added factor now of new breed of ‘journalists’ and ‘bloggers’ ever on the lookout for a story that will tell Westerners all they need to know about Iraq, its problems, dangers, and prospects. Despite all of this, Iraq remains a nation of proud people struggling to liberate themselves from a murderous colonial Occupation.

In a recent interview (“Iraq Doesn’t Exist Anymore“) with the self-described ‘leftists’ blogger Mike Whitney, Nir Rosen made untruthful and unsubstantiated statements regarding the situation on the ground in Iraq and the Occupation of that country by U.S. forces and their collaborators.

Let’s start with the fact. Nir Rosen is an Israeli-American (‘dual loyalty’) citizen of Iranian descent. Before he was recruited for the war on Iraq, Rosen once wrote; I had dreamed of joining Israel’s elite special forces” to murder defenceless Palestinians and Arabs. Like many of the new breed of journalists who have been drafted into service, Rosen was an embedded ‘reporter’ with U.S. Armoured Cavalry Regiment in western Iraq. Embedded journalism is the antithesis of independent journalism. In embedded journalism, journalists have to serve power and cover-up war crimes. With his “Middle Eastern appearance”, Rosen is the perfect face of U.S. imperialism.

Rosen publishes in many of the U.S. mainstream media outlets, such as the New York Times, Times Magazine and the Boston Review. However, if Rosen articles about the Middle East, Iraq in particular, had any shred of truth in them, they wouldn’t appear in the New York times, Times Magazine or the Boston Review. Because if Rosen deviates from what Noam Chomsky calls the ‘doctrinal framework’ or the line of serving power, he wouldn’t get his rubbish published there.

In the interview Rosen told Whitney: “The main reason that things have gone so horribly wrong in Iraq is there was no plan for anything; good or bad. The looting was not ‘deliberate’ American policy. It was simply incompetence. The destruction of Iraq’s cultural icons was incompetence, also – as well as stupidity, ignorance and criminal neglect. I don’t believe that there was really any deliberate malice in the American policy; regardless of the malice with which it may have been implemented by the troops on the ground. The destruction of much of Iraq was the result of Islamic and sectarian militias-both Sunni and Shiite-seeking to wipe out hated symbols. The Americans didn’t know enough about Iraq to intentionally execute such a plan even if it did exist. And, I don’t think it did”.

So Rosen and Whitney want us to believe that, the illegal invasion of Iraq was not planned and the decision to disband the Iraqi Army and Police in order to create chaos and insecurity was not deliberate. The mass murder of innocent Iraqi civilians and the destruction of Iraq, including Iraq’s cultural heritage was simply “incompetence”, according to Nir Rosen.

Anyone who has paid serious attention to the aggression against the Iraqi people knows that Rosen is patently dishonest and lack moral principles when he touts the situation there was the result of “incompetence” and the destruction of much of Iraq was the result of the militias. The aggression was not a deliberate “malice” according to Rosen; it just happened. According to Robert H. Jackson, the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial in 1945 wrote: “Any resort to war — any kind of war — is a resort to means that are inherently criminal. War inevitably is a course of killings, assaults, deprivations of liberty, and destruction of property”. Imagine Rosen describing the aggression in Jackson’s term.

The interview was simply a rehashing of Rosen’s crude simplification that fills a need felt by many pro-Occupation fascists to have it confirmed for them that what happen in Iraq was “unintentional”. Our mission was to “spread democracy” and “freedom” because we jus have too much o them in the West. It is just something gone wrong in Iraq and we had no control over it. Once again we are misled by a typical example of the Western man led by moral principles to promote ‘good’.

Repeating the same rubbish he has been perfecting, Rosen told Whitney: “The violence in Iraq was not senseless or crazy, it was logical and teleological. Shiite militias were trying to remove Sunnis from Baghdad and other parts of the country, while Sunni militias were trying to remove Shiites, Kurds and Christians from their areas. This has been a great success. So you have millions of refugees and millions more internally displaced, not to mention hundreds of thousands dead. There are just less people to kill”. Of course, Whitney did not challenge Rosen during the interview, and the interview is posted on all Zionist and pro-Occupation websites.

Whitney and Rosen know very well that before the U.S. illegal aggression against Iraq, Iraqis were living in harmony regardless of religious or ethnic backgrounds. No racist journalist should deny the fact that before the aggression, Iraq was a safe country for every one, including Westerners like Whitney, Rosen and their ilk. Baghdad is a city of one million Kurds. The “great success” of terrorising Iraqis is happening under the radar screen of the Occupation. Indeed, sectarianism is brought by the invasion and subsequent Occupation, like the Cholera epidemic. It is encouraged and nurtured because it is a vital instrument of the Occupation.

Different militia and extremist groups are working as paid death squads for the Occupation. Iraqis have publicly denounced the violence as without distinction (between ‘Sunnis’ and ‘Shiites’) carried out by criminal gang and death squads on the U.S. pay roll. To increase the violence and justify the ongoing Occupation, the U.S. began inciting one faction against the other. Of course, every thing is ‘masterminded’ by the phantom of “al-Qaeda”. [1]

The current division and political violence is an imperialist-Zionist ploy designed to destroy Iraq as a nation. The destruction of Iraq (physically, culturally and militarily) has been the ideological dream of the Israeli leaders and their Zionist supporters in the U.S., the pro-Israel Jewish Lobby. The recent U.S. Senate vote to partition Iraq along ethnic/religious lines is the beginning of an old scheme for the Middle East. This imperialist-Zionist scheme is rejected by the overwhelming majority of Iraqis who are loudly demanding the end to the murderous Occupation.

Rosen failed to admit that Iraqis fought an eight-year war against Iran defended their country with pride regardless of religious affiliation. Iraqis do not see themselves in terms of ‘Shiites’ or ‘Sunnis’. Iraqis identify themselves as Muslim-Arab and see themselves as Iraqis first. They showed this loyalty during the Iran-Iraq war. According to U.S. military findings, when the Iraqi government “initiated a total call-up of available manpower in 1986, the response was good. No draft riots occurred; young men-even college students—reported without incident. The fact that the public answered the call tells us that Iraqis support their government … Eighty-five percent of the army belongs to the sect of Shiism”. [2]

The needless killing of more than 1.3 million innocent Iraqis, mostly women and children, appeared to have escaped Rosen’s reporting. In fact since 1990, the U.S. and Britain declared outright intent to use disproportionate force, mortally targeting Iraqis as a national group. Some 1.5 million Iraqis died, including 500,000 infants, as a result of the 13-years U.S.-UK enforced UN sanctions.

Countless U.S. soldiers are publicly condemning their criminal actions in Iraq. Writing in the Vermont’s Rutland Herald, Matt Howard, a U.S. Marine, reflects on his participation in the deliberate and unprovoked war of aggression against the Iraqi people: “We did not go to war with the country of Iraq; we went to war with the people of Iraq. During the initial invasion we killed women. We killed children. We senselessly killed farm animals. We were the United States Marine Corps, not the Peace Corps, and we left a swath of death and destruction in our wake all the way to Baghdad.”

In Rosen’s view, the total destruction of urban centres such as Fallujah, Tel Afar, Samarra, Al-Qaim, Haditha, Tikrit, and Ramadi, among other cities and towns by indiscriminate bombing is not considered war crimes perpetuated with intent to terrorise and pacify the entire Iraqi population.

It is important to remember that from the outset of the Occupation, the U.S. Administration embarked on dividing Iraqis into religious and ethnic groups and hence planted the first seed for disunity and violence. The U.S.-imposed “Iraqi Governing Council” was the best example of a colonial-imposed puppet government formed along ethnic and sectarian lines. The puppet government is simply an extension of the Occupation. It is voids of anything resembling a democracy. It has no political control whatsoever beyond the ‘Green Zone’ where it is protected by the Occupation. Its main function is to provide a façade and legitimise the Occupation. The recent “agreement” to extend the Occupation in flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty is a case in point.

Back in August 2007, Nir Rosen told Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow news: “It’s too late for anything good to happen in Iraq, unfortunately. If the Americans stay, we’ll see a continuation of this civil war, of ethnic cleansing, until all of Iraq is sort of ethnically—or sectarian, homogenous zones, which is basically what’s already happened. If the Americans leave, then you’ll see greater intervention of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, supporting their own militias in Iraq and being drawn into battle. But no matter what, Iraq doesn’t exist anymore”. Not as simple as that, Mr. Rosen.

And what proof is offered for this Zionist propaganda? None. In fact all the evidence pointed to a premeditated and deliberate U.S.-Zionist plan to destroy Iraq as a nation and replace it with a collection of dependent fiefdoms. It is true, if the Americans stay, we’ll see a continuation of a U.S.-perpetuated violence and ethnic cleansing. But this is not what Rosen meant. Rosen failed to acknowledge that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is supported by the overwhelming majority of Iraqis and will remove the primary cause of the violence.

Where all these militias and criminals came from? Who trained them, armed them and finance them? Whitney didn’t ask. Nowhere in the interviews and scattered articles does Rosen tell us that the militias were the creation of the Occupation and that the violence is the only pretext left to justify the ongoing Occupation. Why Iraqis didn’t “hate each other” before the illegal invasion of their country is totally ignored by Western media and remains a mystery to most Westerners.

Furthermore, Whitney did not challenge Rosen how the Americans managed to protect the Iraqi Oil Ministry while at the same time turn blind eye to the looting and burning of Iraq’s most important buildings and Iraq’s cultural heritage. If the looting was not “deliberate” American policy, there must be a selective “incompetence”. Reports after reports showed clearly that the looting was pre-organised policy to strip Iraq of its Muslim-Arab identity and history. It is important to remember that at the time of looting and destruction, the British journalist Robert Fisk was in Baghdad and witnessed a systematic and deliberate attempt to destroy Iraq as a nation.

Again, Whitney failed to ask Rosen how the Americans were able to build the largest C.I.A. station (“U.S. Embassy”) in the world, “the size of Vatican City, with the population of a small town, its own defence force, self-contained power and water, and a precarious perch at the heart of Iraq’s turbulent future”, while most Iraqis left without food, drinking water and electricity. Why Iraq’s healthcare services, including major hospitals and medical centres, and Iraq’s education system including, schools and university remained destroyed and dysfunctional, while Americans are busy building military bases, described by many as “bustling American towns, replete with Burger King, Pizza Hut, shops, traffic regulations and young bikers clogging the roads”? In fact, like most people, many Americans now openly admit that there is a plan to occupy Iraq permanently and loot Iraq of its natural resources.

Finally, Like in Vietnam, the Americans offer the Iraqi people a choice: either you submit to a murderous colonial Occupation or we break you. The Iraqi people refused to submit and the Americans failed to break them.

U.S. policy in Iraq is not simply “incompetence”; it is “an essential component of U.S. policy [since 1990], constituting premeditated genocide against the people of Iraq”, writes Ian Douglas, a professor of Political Sciences and a member of the organising committee of the Brussels Tribunal. Furthermore, the U.S. failed in its imperialist strategy in Iraq not because of “incompetence”, but because “the Iraqi Resistance prevents Iraqi oil from reinforcing the occupation or paying for America’s global war of aggression”, added Douglas. [3].

One question that Mike Whitney didn’t ask Rosen which may clarify Rosen’s perspective is, why thousands of Iraqi scientists, professors, intellectuals and other professionals have been murdered in cold blood? Why at least 40 per cent of the educated and experienced Iraqi professionals have been threatened and forced to leave the country? The aim is to destroy Iraq’s independence by liquidating Iraq’s human resources.

There is no doubt that the premeditated aggression and murderous Occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces and their collaborators have succeeded in destroying the physical state of Iraq and terrorising the Iraqi population. “But, of course, the spirit of the Iraqi people is indestructible. They cannot be broken. They will resist, drive out all intruders, and they will recover. The people of Iraq will overcome the catastrophes of recent years”, writes Denis Halliday, former UN assistant secretary-general and one of the very few honourable voices in the West to publicly condemn the deliberate genocide in Iraq.

Iraq does exist. We should never forget the fact that there is an Iraqi nation and nationalism represented by legitimate National Iraqi Resistance. The U.S. government and its collaborators may have succeeded in killing many innocent Iraqis and removed a sovereign government but the U.S. failed and will not success in its attempt to destroy the Iraqi nation and the Iraq people’s will to resist the Occupation.

Today more than ever there is a need for honest and independent journalists who can stand up and against the active complicity of the mainstream media and in support of the people of Iraq struggle for freedom and independence. Nir Rosen is just another propaganda agent who has shown to be part of a murderous colonial Occupation.

Ghali Hassan is an independent writer living in Australia.


[1] Hassan, Ghali, Iraq: Occupation and Sectarianism; Varea, Carlos, Iraq: Sectarian Violence in Iraq and the New War in the Middle East; Wolf, Max, For Iraq, the ‘Salvador Option’ becomes Reality.

[2] Marine Corps Historical Publication – FMFRP 3-203, Lessons Learned: Iran-Iraq War, December 10, 1990 Chemical Weapons.

[3] Douglas, Ian, Notes on genocide in Iraq. [PDF]. This document should be read by any concerned citizen.

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Terror is a tactic – Interview with Nir Rosen By Mike Whitney

Iraq war is a betrayal of American democracy By Matt Howard (IVAW)

Momentum Building for Cheney Impeachment

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After Downing Street
Dec. 18, 2007

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

In the space of a few days, nearly 100,000 people have already signed onto a call by Congressman Robert Wexler to begin impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney. Please add your name and encourage everyone you know to add theirs. Please send this link to every list you can:

Hear Congressman Robert Wexler Live Online at 9 p.m. EST, Thursday, December 20th

Florida Progressive Radio, hosted by Kenneth Quinnell of the Florida Netroots Caucus and the Florida Progressive Coalition. Listen live at and

Rep. Wexler and other House Judiciary Committee members have opened up the possibility of impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney. There are now at least 8 members of the committee on board. Six of them are among the 24 co-sponsors of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach Cheney. Learn more, and ask your representative to co-sponsor and call for hearings at

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Mike Papantonio Interviews Dennis Kucinich (video link)

Kucinich: Impeachment and Peace (video; over 18 only)

Impeachment: If not now, when? By Linda Boyd