Perry J. Kucinich, beloved brother 12/11/56 – 12/19/07

Updated: April 10, 2008 Dennis Kucinich’s brother died of heart and lung disease

My thoughts and prayers are with Dennis and his family at this very sad time. ~ Lo

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Dec. 19, 2007

Perry J. Kucinich, younger brother of Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, died early this morning in his apartment in Cleveland, Ohio. He was 51. The cause of death will be determined by the coroner’s office.

Perry Kucinich was a talented artist who produced a prodigious volume of work. Some of his works have been on display recently at a local art gallery. He and his brother Dennis were planning another showing of his works in the spring.

“He was an admirer of the works of Klee and Picasso, and the style and structure of his artwork derived from their influences,” said Dennis Kucinich. “He was a genius. He had extraordinary insights. Although he struggled with mental illness, with the help of his family and friends, he was able to lead a productive life.

“The Kucinich family is very close knit,” said family spokesman Andy Juniewicz. “This is a devastating loss to each and every member of the Kucinich family. Dennis was very close to his brother Perry. He watched after him, and he loved him dearly. The two spoke nearly every day. He was more like Dennis’ son than his brother.”

Perry Kucinich was born Dec. 11, 1956, the fifth child of Frank and Virginia Kucinich. The family’s travails were chronicled in a recently released book, “The Courage to Survive,” written by Congressman Kucinich.

Funeral services are pending. In addition to his brother Dennis, Perry is survived by brothers Frank, Gary, and Larry, and by sisters Theresa and Beth Ann. They all live in Northeast Ohio.

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Coroner’s office: Kucinich brother dead, no sign of foul play

By M.R. Kropko
Associated Press Writer
December 19, 2007


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  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the Kucinich family. Wether I agree with him or not on every issue is irrelevant. Dennis loves America, that’s quite obvious.

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  6. The link to sending condolences is not working. Do you know how to bypass this, or is there another way to send a note to them? Thanks

  7. The sadness and sympathy I feel for Perry Kucinich’s family–Dennis and Elizabeth, Frank, Gary, Larry, Theresa and Beth Ann can scarcely be expressed. May Dennis be sustained by the love of his family and of his many devoted supporters during this difficult time. Each member of his family holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who have read Dennis’ wonderful book The Courage to Survive.

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