Clash of the Worlds: Mutiny + Sudan + Palestine (videos)

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Clash of the Worlds: Mutiny

jblitz87 on Jan 28, 2012

58 min 14 sec – Nov 25, 2007

Aired: October 28, 2007 on BBC 2

Exploring how past conflicts between a Christian West and Islam can help explain more recent violence.  In the next three weeks this series looks at three great clashes between a Christian British Empire and Islam: the Indian Mutiny of 1857, the Mahdi uprising in 1880s Sudan and the creation of the state of Israel in the first half of the twentieth century. The first programme tells the story of the Indian uprising in which both sides committed atrocities in the name of their faiths.

Clash of the Worlds: Sudan

Chebatikha on Jan 25, 2012

58 min 39 sec – Nov 26, 2007

Aired: November 4, 2007 on BBC 2

Clash of Worlds continues to explore how past conflicts between the West and Islam can help explain the violence of recent events. This week’s programme tells the story of The Mahdi, a self-proclaimed Muslim redeemer in the Sudan, takes on and trounces the might of the British empire and its Christian hero, General Charles Gordon. The British go to great lengths to destroy the Islamists. Yet this story of religious revival continues to inspire modern day militants.

Clash of the Worlds: Palestine 

Adnan Hussain on May 3, 2012

59 min 15 sec – Nov 26, 2007

Aired: November 18, 2007 on BBC 2

Clash Of Worlds tells the story of the extraordinary tensions and mutual misunderstandings, wars and reconciliations that have haunted the Christian and Muslim cultures during Imperial Britain’s rise and fall. The programme explores the ways in which the centuries-old conflict between Islam and a Christian West can shed light on the causes of terrorist acts in the 21st century.

This final programme in the series looks at the politically-charged history of Palestine. It explores how decisions made by the British rulers of Palestine 90 years ago — when they supported the idea of a nation state for Jews in Palestine — are still blamed for intensifying a conflict that continues to this day.

In December 1917 the British General Edmund Allenby entered Jerusalem with TE Lawrence, the guerilla leader of an Arab army, by his side. More than 800 years after they were evicted from Palestine during the Crusades, the British again ruled over the Holy Land.

From the deserts of southern Jordan, through the West Bank and Israel, this film traces the roots of the “Palestine Issue” and the competing nationalist demands that the British faced.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 promised a homeland for Jews. But many children in schools in the West Bank and militants fighting the Israeli army today consider British rule over Palestine as a simple betrayal of the Arab cause.