Police Use Stun Guns on Citizens Opposed to Demolition of Houses in New Orleans By Cain Burdeau

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After Downing Street
By Cain Burdeau
Associated Press
Dec. 20, 2007


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9 thoughts on “Police Use Stun Guns on Citizens Opposed to Demolition of Houses in New Orleans By Cain Burdeau

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  3. If these people want to live in these houses, have them, sign a waver and accept all liability, then spend their own money, not the U.S. taxpayers’, for clean-up and re-modeling. Funny how it has never been mentioned that some of these protesters have attacked workers that were hired to do a job.

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  5. I want proof of this womans residence. How long has she been a citizen of New Orleans and how many city council meeting has she attended in the past. If you’re indeed a citizen then you’d have more to say about this than “the vouchers aren’t being accepted in many places.” There’s a reason nobody wants those vouchers. If you lived here than you’d be a liitle more aware of the severity of the intense situation you were walking into. I would like to know actually how many of these “front line” protesters were actually well informed local citizens as opposed to outsiders looking to be involved in civil disobedience. It looked to me that the majority of that crowd were not residence of the housing developments that were in question, nor were they “Peaceful” in their protest.

  6. Dandi,
    A shame that the headline has to be about Electrocution.
    The Headline should be Local Residents forced from home for Business Venture. Of course it will be a Health and Safety issue, not about Profiteering.

    Wake UP Folk’s, if it can happen them, it will happen to You!!! Precedent established ! !

    Evict All Incumbents in ’08,
    a Third party, then Investigate!

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