The results are in! Kucinich won in the IndependentPrimary.Com Poll

And one more poll Dennis has taken the lead in. Go, Dennis!  Results  ~ Lo

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Dear Lo,

The results are in!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the clear favorite of independent-minded voters in the IndependentPrimary.Com internet poll.

Over 110,000 people voted in IndependentPrimary.Com.

Kucinich won over 75% of the votes cast on the Democratic side. (And Rep. Ron Paul won overwhelmingly on the Republican side.)

As long-time independents we decided to do this poll because we were very concerned that Kucinich, Paul, and Gravel were excluded from some of the televised debates by the corporate media. We believe elections should be competitive and that the voters should decide at the polls! We want to give voters the authority to vote with their hearts.

Independents can swing the 2008 primary elections.

44% of voters in New Hampshire are registered independent. Since New Hampshire is an “open primary” state they can vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Help us publicize the results of IndependentPrimary.Com in New Hampshire. And inform the state’s independent voters that they can vote in the Democratic Primary.

This is an extraordinary election. All the pundits say independent-minded voters will determine the outcome. So let’s make sure that the election is open and fair and voters are educated about their choices.

Please contribute. Your donation will help us buy radio spots and newspaper ads that publicize the results of this very important poll of independent-minded Americans.

A $100 contribution will pay for one 30-second radio ad. Give $25, $50, $100 or be a sponsor and give $250. Be a friend and give $500 and purchase five radio ads. Click here>

IndependentPrimary.Com is conducting democracy as it should be – with the American people in charge! Isn’t this what the founding fathers had in mind?

Click here to contribute towards a New Hampshire radio ad

Or go to

Thank you for voting with your hearts,

Jim Mangia & Linda Curtis

PS. Even if you can’t give $100 or more, it all adds up. Please give what you can at donate. To help chip in, go to

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Dennis Kucinich Can Win by Lo

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