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Dec. 20, 2007

Go to and click the candidate’s photo to hear his/her answers to these 10 questions. Then vote. ~ Lo

Here are the very short videos or watch on the site for each question.

Dennis Kucinich: a Democrat’s Democrat + Size and Role of Govt (video) (updated)

Dennis Kucinich: Election Reform + Public Funding of Elections + Corporate Personhood + Open Honest Govt (video)

Dennis Kucinich: The Constitution; Net Neutrality; Medical Marijuana; Religion (videos)

5 thoughts on “Vote at (Kucinich)

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  5. Wow, Dennis makes SO MUCH SENSE! I mean, how could it come to pass that the entire nation is not BOWLED OVER by this man’s candor, intelligence and clear, straight ‘no strings’ answers??

    Just the fact that he was the only candidate supporting IMPEACHMENT, let alone the only one actually LEGISLATING for justice, should have been such a huge breath of fresh air in this ‘bushed’ electorate, it should be a landslide for Kucinich!!

    What’s really ‘the matter with Kansas’ people??

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