Al Jazeera: Death of the dollar with Paul Craig Roberts (videos)

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People & Power – Death of the dollar

Analyst Max Keiser investigates the ill health and possible demise of the dollar.

Added: December 19, 2007

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Offshoring Interests and Economic Dogmas Are Destroying the US Dollar By Paul Craig Roberts

One thought on “Al Jazeera: Death of the dollar with Paul Craig Roberts (videos)

  1. Dandi,
    Federal Law would prevent people from working for less than the Minimum Wage, a Felony ?
    The death of the petrol dollars(use tax), we’ll have to return to the Hemp Dollar. The Hemp Dollar will be able to compete because of the many uses of Hemp, including Fuel.
    E85, 15% petrol still 100% “petrol use tax” ?
    We had better start thinking WAY ahead, return to Manufacturing, fuel liberty, energy efficiency, renewable sources, and more.
    How with a real leader, who has the intestinal fortitude, and tighten the belt. Yes it gonna hurt, but “we” are adults.
    Why is it like this NO-War Bonds, NO-Control of Spending, No-Control Of Borrowing, NO-Control period.

    Evict the Useless Incumbents in ’08,
    A Third Party, then Investigate.

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