Oystar: I fought the Lloyds (music video)

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Updated: March 21, 2008 added brief video below


Featuring Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert from MoneySavingExpert.com – this is the music video to the bank charges anthem.

“I fought the Lloyds” is the story of what happened when Dan Oystar tried to get his bank charges back – money which had been unlawfully removed from his account by Lloyds TSB.

If you want the banks to give everyone back their money – help us pile on the pressure by simply texting the word ‘bankers’ to 82822.

With the support of the MoneySaving Expert.com we’ve managed to get thousands of people to join the revolt against the banks. This song is part of an organised campaign to embarrass the banks into treating their customers a bit better.

Since the OFT test case was announced, the banks have notched up another 1 billion pounds worth of illegal charges! It’s time for this to stop…

So please text ‘bankers’ to 82822 now!

(The cost of the single download is 50p. We’re not making any money out of this – so please check out our http://www.myspace.com/oystar page, listen to our other songs, leave some comments and tell your mates…)

Added: 23 November 2007

h/t: Coreluminus

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Updated: March 21, 2008

Newsnight – I Fought The Lloyds

I Fought the Lloyds is a protest song about bank charges that charted in January at number 25 in the UK. This video shows the end of the song being played on Newsnight, and introduced by Jeremy Paxman.

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  3. Fabulous news on your song, Dan, thanks for the update. Sure have had a lot of visitors to view your video in the last couple of days.

    Sorry to hear about the case being almost closed to the public. What’s up with that?


  4. We’ve got this to number 25 in the UK charts (2nd highest entry!) Please keep going and get this up the charts this week by texting bankers to 82822!

    The court case is taking place with only 5 members of the public allowed to see it. That’s not public. For a massive public interest case that’s pretty exclusive…

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