Being part of the solution: GOOD Congresspeople need support by Kathryn Smith

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by Kathryn Smith
December 22, 2007 at 09:12:06

Please send Kucinich a card of support.

There is a noticeable gap in postings here the last few days. That is, concerns for Dennis Kucinich after the death of his brother. I will be honest in saying that I find the gap disturbing. It seems pretty heartless to me.

Kucinich must need our support in order to carry on during a time like this. I can’t imagine how difficult (to say the least) it must be to carry on with a Congress as obstructionist as this current one is. Couple that with the death of his brother, the media black-out and the result is devastation. Kucinich surely needs to hear from the public, especially right now.

While we sit and complain bitterly about our Congress, the moves toward fascism, and all the things of which the people on this website are so aware—-and I truly appreciate everyone here for it—-I would like to suggest that in order to practice the solution to our problems, it would be very important to offer encouragement to the few good Congresspeople we have.

Dennis Kucinich is one of those men. Now don’t chime in: Anyone who says “Kucinich will not win” is being fed that phrase because someone higher up doesn’t WANT him to win. They are scared of him. He is ethical, has backbone such as we all have been begging for in public office, is smarter than heck and really good. Here a bit of background:

Even the cautiously image-conscious ACLU posted to its website that during the time Bush bullied Congress into voting for the unconstitutional Patriot Act, anthrax was circulating around Congress at that very moment. Just weeks after the attacks of 9-11, a frightened Congress was confronted by Bush with a bill more than 320 pages thick (I’ve googled the bill and taken a look myself), which he gave them only two days to study. (The second time around, he gave them two hours). He told them, according to the ACLU, that if they did not pass the Patriot Act blind, he would publicly characterize them as “Soft on terror”.


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