How It All Ends: Your Mission (global warming; must-see videos)

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October 15, 2007

Part of the expansion pack accompanying the video “How It All Ends.” Be sure to watch “How It All Ends: Index” and “How It All Ends: Menu” for a roadmap of where this fits in.

Pt 2


An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.) WARNING: mature content may be disturbing to some viewers.

For your navigation pleasure, the following is a list of the URLs of the entire “Expansion Pack” of videos supporting the video “How It All Ends.” These videos anticipate and answer EVERY OBJECTION OR CRITICISM of the argument contained in “How It All Ends” that the author has ever heard. Unbelievable, but true. Go ahead–take ‘er for a spin and see if you can find any holes!

Just click and enjoy! (Or, have the hairs on the back of your neck raised. . . )

The original video and the entire “Expansion Pack” are also available for download as MP4 files, available for editing, burning, subtitling, mashing up, ripping off, making fun of–whatever. Contact wonderingmind42 directly for those.

“How It All Ends” Expansion Pack



Nature of Science………

Risk Management…………………

Why There Is Still Debate……

The Manpollo Project……

Mechanics of GCC………

Scare Tactics………………

The Solution…………

God’s Will…

Get What You Want………

I Hope I’m Wrong……

No Holds Barred………………

Your Mission (see above videos)……

Added: October 10, 2007


How It All Ends (Global Warming; must-see video; links)

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  27. Beautiful. However, don’t take this as an insult, but you appear to be “too intelligent.” I completely agree with your views, your research, and your foresight. Please realize that you HAVE TO make it readable for the average 14 year old to comprehend. Keep it simple. You did a great job of using examples but make the “commercial shorter and too the point. Just like a 30 second ad on TV. Use sex to grab the viewer’s attention. That means use a hot chick to grab a man’s attention. Pretend your surfing through your channels on TV at home and you catch a brief glimpse of a fine pair of a gorgeous woman’s breasts slightly shaking. THAT makes me STOP on that channel. The actual product could be complete crap but the bottom line was I returned to that channel. USE PSYCHOLOGY. That’s what “big brother” uses to deceive the general population. Use the same highly effective tactics. Peace my brother.

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