Ron Paul on Meet The Press 12-23-07 (videos)

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Dec. 23, 2007

h/t: Future with Ron Paul 2008


On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul

Just a Theory: Ron Paul Doesn’t “Accept” Evolution By Manila Ryce (video)

Stossel interviews Ron Paul – Ask ABC to air it Part IV (video)

Why Quirky Ron Paul Is Wrong About The Civil War

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  2. Mikester—

    The entire trouble with modern ‘gun rights’ proponents and their second amendment clause about ‘militias’, entirely falls apart when you look at WHY you like yer gun so much.

    As holler-dwellin’ colleagues, you and I BOTH know full well that rednecks don’t collect guns to fight the feds, instead they are fixated with firearms because they like to shoot things.

    I’ll say it again: Imagine the feds trying to subjugate the USA, when they can’t even handle the Taliban!

    Maybe it’s time to put aside all that branch davidian extremist stuff about impending martial law for a minute, and think about a culture with a more peaceful, cooperative ‘small world after all’ (fer real) philosophy.

    Think about electing a leader with a healthy, peaceful vision for a truly ‘survivalist’ society where we’re all on the same side (as opposed to this next texan-wannabe from back east who thinks Custer was the model amerigoon hero).

    This entire gun thing is a fallacy (or a phallusy). You know as well as anyone that guns and firearms are addictive, especially if yer a guy, (and it’s mostly guys who are for whutever reason natural-born gun enthusiasts—as if they were birthed with the thing attached… oh yeah, they sorta were!)

    All that romance about this power of the ‘light-em-up’ button you imbibed through your ancient collection of all 16 rambo rampages from the 8-track 80’s, is as addictive as a ’67 Chevy Nomad with a full tank of fully-leaded (& with a fully-stacked female hood-ornament~).

    Gun advocates are addicted to this whole idea of guns because of the power and the drama, and the fantasy from films. It’s an elemental male fascination, whether its the fire, the noise, or most likely “yer able tuh put a hole whar thar wuzn’t one b’fur”. (Am I right?)

    No ‘militia’ that’s holed up in them thar hills, in some holler-dwellin’ hell-hole, is likely gonna grab his musket and powder-horn and go up against Union-Sam and his bunker-buster bombs.

    These ‘patriots’ with all their romantic nostalgia for the war of 1812, ain’t built nothing like the rebels of yore. These lazy hayseeds are no pioneers anymore, and they likely live on pre-fabbed fat-factory, fast-frankenfood (with fries… for which they can’t even git outer their trucks any more!)

    And the present day ‘redcoats’ they’d be ‘runnin’ are a whole different level of force (you and yer bb gun-buddies would be beggin’ to be water-boarded instead of blitzed by bogies soon as you hear that black-hawk comin’ ’round the mountain).

    So I shure wish hillbillies would stop pretending that you wax that muzzle-loader all year like it was your carrot because yer fixin ta git ready for the feds. You know full well you stroke and lube that tube because you just can’t wait to SHOOT SOMETHING with it!

    If you believe the 2nd amendment gives you the right to arm militias against a hard-line government crackdown, then why can’t you go out now and buy landmines, hand-grenades, depleted uranium armor-piercing rounds and bouncing betties? (Oh yeah, I always forget, you probably think you should!).

    The NRA is one of the biggest lobbies around, and you couldn’t even figger out how to make it legal to stock hand-grenades at yer local ‘feeds & needs’ store? (Musta been a real reason fer that law, like it’s friggin DANGEROUS! Besides, Kliebold didn’t even need any extra off-the-shelf C-4 what with the other military ordinance you people already insisted he be able to buy at the local bar).

    But then why do you all now go and rabidly back a candidate purely because of your personal fascination with fantasy firearms? It’s not very evolved if you ask me (oh yeah I almost forgot, that word isn’t in the believer’s lexicon, eh?) especially if yer draggin’ the rest of the 95% of humanity who don’t hunt and hate guns, but get wrapped up in your hostile hate-laws along with your hyper-aggressive infatuation with force.

    Can you trust civilians (or anyone for that matter) with their semi-automatics and hollow-points?? You know FULL WELL you cant!

    Besides, we tried that old idea of ‘arm everyone with six-shooters & let god sort ‘em out’, back in the OK Coral days. You really want those Hatfields & McCoys dukin’ it out at high noon on Deadwood Dick’s front lawn like they wuz th’ Good, The Bad & the Ugly? I saw enough of that in Washington Heights and East NY!

    (And I’ve since chased enough hunters off my land to know what kind of trigger-happy tresspassing they’re up to! But I never once had to pull a gun to protect my acreage).).

    You-all know, some where’s inside that helmeted wacko head, that we’ll eventually have to begin to train people off guns and the destructive mentality behind the whole firearm ‘terminator’/ little boy fantasy, like everybody else.

    Your lax gun-laws have been NO GOOD for anyone, and you as a shootist know that FULL WELL. (And so far the feds haven’t paratrooped into Paris, Texas ready for a fight just yet).

    You also know that just as you have to wean the feds and their civilian/corporate welfare leaches off the military industrial complex, those ruby ridge rednecks can’t ever trump a standing fed army, no matter how many sling-shots they hord (nor how old the story—unless you happen to have Braveheart on your team, and if I recall, he didn’t need any guns, just the Scotts Irish, which our hills & hollers are already well-stocked with, lol)

    So your better bet is to elect leaders who DEMILITARIZE the world, and allow our more peaceful natures to prevail (like the REST of the western hemisphere!).

    Indeed it can be done. Just look how hyper militarized the western EU countries were going at each-other like two different-colored ant colonies for over a thousand years.

    Do they all still subscribe to this obsolete pioneer-pillager cult from the long-gone Roman frontier? Do you see them marching around with their crossbows and pikes and chain-mail (or big berthas, howitzers and lugers for that matter), ready to do in the other side’s king, or enslave their populace in AJ’s slave state?

    I’m afraid for your old-timer cultural take on society, it’s time for you fine folks to evolve. This isn’t the frontier any more, and you’re definitely not Daniel Boone.

    People are proven WAY too unstable to be trusted with easy access to guns and ammo, especially these weapons which are of so much higher tech and caliber than any constitutional literalist could ever have conceived, based on their flint-lock blunderbusses of then.

    So if we indeed want to catch up with modern ethical society, it looks like yer gonna have to hunt squirrels the hard way like everyone else does in the REAL hunt, by chasing it down on yer bare feet in the snow, following it up the tree, and catching it with your teeth and claws (and then I DARE ya ta eat it!).

  3. power to the voices.

    i hear ya man. i keep telling the greens and libertarians to unite.
    even though there is much wrong with that idea. i can’t help but say it just for the response. LoL!

    kucinich and paul end up in the same sentence for a myriad of reasons. obviously the antiwar sentiment is appealing to people on the left and the right.

    i am constantly calling my local community radio station WERU to ask the listeners to consider Paul. The station is very leftist and green. But many of the concerns exist across the political isle.

    one thing i find disturbing though is the lack of knowledge about the federal reserve system.

    If one can read the entire thing this is a great read:
    Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

    many people don’t understand economics, or rather, how powerful a force it is and why it is so important no to allow people to control money the way it currently is! and yes, it can get worse. and as Paul tells people it will, unless we understand what things like inflation really is. (increase in the money supply) and tell people that the fed caused the great depression and how.

    you ever play the game magic? in the game you have mana. it is your life force. with it you can develope and create your world. each player battles each other with there own type of world and their own mana. what happens when you no longer can control your mana? you lose.

    have you watched freedom to fascism? (aaron russo)
    or money, banking, and the federal reserve? (mises institute)

    if you want insight into some of the reasons Paul gets the support he does I suggest you watch those films.

    hey, do you realize that some “conservatives” call Paul liberal? And did you know that they are right? (in a sense)

    Why are people confused? Maybe because when one uses the word liberal nowadays it doesn’t accurately represent what the term means. Just like when people talk about liberating people, you have to ask: what do they mean by that? And how will they do it?

    **the earmark issue is a funny one. just look at how excited he was to talk about that one. paul was happy to talk about it and maybe even surprised it hadn’t been an issue yet, but he did well in explaining why it’s not as big an issue as people make it out to be.

    the big difference here is spending verses appropriation. if the congressman, who represents his district, doesn’t appropriate money to his district the money will be spent elsewhere. as paul mentioned, the executive branch could use the money. but of course, paul votes against many bills anyway.

    as lew rockwell points out, Dr Paul is a master politician in contrast to his peers, but is a statesman for the people. he’s too intelligent to let people like russert get on top of him.

    finally! we get to see some integrity on the scene ‘n defeating the old media
    and its propaganda!

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  5. TKO writes: “the real vicitimization of color was the welfare state”

    Did you forget about slavery itself in which 10’s of millions died just from the crossing and the abuse, then segregation, lynchings, bombings (remember Alabama) then years of brutality by ‘locals’ under the wink/nod of ‘local’ authorities who Paul want’s so sleazily to entrust?

    Then why dontcha at least look at slanted sentencing laws (only now being challenged, whitey gets a slap on the hand for cocaine, while crack gets you the minimum decades behind bars). And what ever happened to ‘reparations’, slaves and descendants never even got your famous 40-acres and mule you all bray about after their centuries of hard work that entirely BUILT this ‘america’ you’re so proud of?

    Before I puke at this screen trying to rebut your clearly well-practiced fact-twisting hate-speach, I’ll paraphrase an excerpt from a prior post:

    Regarding above racialistic references, what about the old problem of slave-states vs. normal humanity? Isn’t Paul here proposing we allow the reversing a few of the more fortuitous federal functions, like the Emancipation Proclamation? Sounds far-fetched, but one wonders if Paul feels the feds were ‘treading’ on ’state’s rights’ or the constitution by freeing the slaves.

    Absurd you say, “Paul would never allow it” (and hopefully not). But from my reading there’s absolutely nothing in his platform preventing Alabama from voting to re-enact segregation (remember, he’s against the Civil Rights Act). It would be up to the victims to sue in local courts— (Hullo?… anyone still remember the Jena Six, yet only 6 months on?? So much for local red-neck kangaroo courts upholding human rights). Based on the paulian program as it’s presented to his public, supporters had better be ready for more ’strange fruit’ hangin’ from poplar trees if you give those hooded heretics reason to ‘vote’ for local southern ‘policy’.

    And we’re not even mentioning labor laws, minimum wage, women’s suffrage– the list of hard-won worker and human rights against the single-minded. male dominated profit-motive of business is long, and still oozing life. These federal protections were hard won with the blood of those who fought just such a corporatocratic regime as Paul apparently proposes.

    I’ll leave you TKO’d with a few words of your own, so all may see that the ‘voices’ in your head are those of hideous, horrible slavery-denial bigotry (by your logic, I’d predict the holocaust was good for the jews too, eh? Oh I forgot, people like you likely say that didn’t happen).

    Now if you had switched your word “welfare” out for “heroine. crack, easy access to guns, insidious laws of segregation and discrimination, racial profiling and a few hundred years of abject terrorism by white people, subjugation, dehumanization and abuse” then you might have been onto something.

    If this is what yer thinking, and if it has ANYTHING to do with what Paul people are saying on this topic, then I rest my case:

    YOUR WORDS, professor: “This culture of…entitlement has done more to destroy people of color and their communities (very deliberately so), than slavery ever could have”.

  6. I’d certainly like to see more fleshed out regarding Paul’s own district. That’s the only red flag I see in here. I give Paul the benefit of the doubt, but you never know of course. He wasn’t really able to make his point coherently but I think I understood what he was trying to say: he would be doing a disservice to his district if he didn’t at the very least work for their interests vis-a-vis competing interests. Russert quickly moved after that though, knowing he had laid a good hit right there… didn’t want Paul to recover of course. It would have been nice to hear that all brought out more: I’d like to know.

    I also found it funny regarding the smear-by-association tactic being supported by “POWER TO THE VOICES!”. Especially after seeing the youtube video… lol, as if that’s some sort of example of racism??? But it is a very dirty word politically, so I guess it’s inevitable that it’s being used. I’ve also seen it used (less effectively) against Kucinich (of course).

    However TK, you’re certainly wrong about the culture of victimization trumping slavery as destructor of people. Maybe because slavery is so remote to you?? Slavery constitutes a much more absolute culture of victimization than the paternalistic and contradictory welfare state. Not to deny that such a culture exists within the modern welfare state… there is also a culture of blame the victim in there as well. It’s not like the modern system approaches anything monolithic in that regard.

    Anyway, this whole racist critique of Ron Paul seems woefully weak to me. Let’s remember that he simply hasn’t worked to get his political support from liberals and so hasn’t put on the appropriate symbolic PR sideshow regarding liberal wedge issues. This is true of Kucinich regarding the “big government” issue of conservatives as well. Conservatives pick up on a lot of suspicious comments on Dennis’ part because he isn’t speaking to them… he’s not clarifying for the sake of their prejudices. Paul, on the other hand, is making the attempt to clarify his positions which step on the toes of liberal prejudices… I’d like to see that continue. As a progressive I share in many of those concerns. I’d like to see this earmark issue brought out more as well.

  7. @ Power to the voices-
    Would those be the ones in your head?

    After looking at your first two cites I can see that what’s going on here is more of the same disinfo campaign attempting to smear Paul by association.

    I would expect nothing more subtle from the global corporatocracy.
    Pauls a racist? Thanks for the link; Paul’s saying what lots of folks in this country would agree with to one degree or another. Having grown up in Oakland, in Federal housing in the 50’s, Lynwood (next to Watts and Compton) in the 60’s, and Pontiac (Detroit north) in the 70’s I have to agree with the gist of what he says.
    The real victimization of people of color was/is by the welfare state and the creation of a culture of entitlement and victimhood for those victimized (not by their fellow citizens, who may or may not have been racists; but by the corporate state) by that state.
    This culture of victimization and entitlement has done more to destroy people of color and their communities (very deliberately so), than slavery ever could have.

  8. Regarding Katrina, a lot of people had an Insurance called Hurricane insurance, but like all good business’, there was a loophole(always a loop hole) that was not presented, or was mis-represented to the policy holder’s(did not cover water damage, a hurricane). The bad guys here were the shady Insurance rep.’s, and their Boss’ who boonswoogled a lot of people, and not just the poor, or un-educated people.

    Get rid of the corporate welfare state that pays Corp.’s not to do ?, then pays Corp.’s to get rid of ?, and then the corporations sells that ? for a profit. Now that’s a welfare system I’d like to be on personally, of course I don’t know any Senator’s personally, introduce me. Oh yea they recieve tax breaks for their loss’ too!

  9. Amazing how openly HOSTILE Tim Russert was with Dr. Paul today. I’ve seen interviews on Meet the Depressed for years and Russert is a tough interviewer. But in other interviews with candidates, I have NEVER seen him to be so totally hell-bent on finding something, ANYTHING to trip up a Presidential Candidate he was interviewing. Ron Paul held his own and did a good job.
    I receive Google Alerts daily for Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson. I am a political junkie and I love reading all the posts, reports, commentaries and blogs about all of Republican candidates. The observation I continue to make is that whenever anyone writes about Dr. Paul there are numerous comments posted about Dr. Paul with most of them supportive. I have spent hours reading what people around the US are posting in the comments in response to the article on Ron Paul. BUT on the other candidates there are very few posted comments and most of them are negative not supportive to their perspective candidates.

    The media says that Paulites control and spam the Internet? My question is doesn’t the other candidates have supporters that know how to use the Internet this way too?

    It makes one think. Dr. Paul on “Meet the Depressed” this morning did a fine job and showed lots of honesty, integrity and class. Loved his smile.

    GO RON PAUL 2008

  10. Ron Paul NOT a Racist??
    It doesn’t take a lot of research to figger that one out, just look at his body language and his eyes, let alone listen to what he says.

    But if you need a little more dirt, look at these lovely links from my friend Stu:

    The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters

    Ron Paul: Black Men Are ‘Actual and Potential Terrorists’

    Addressing th John Birch Society

    About The John Birch Society

  11. Ron Paul is not a racist. You can suspect it all you want, but any comments to that effect have been discredited.

    He is against big business in bed with the government. This is what he means by fascism or corporatism. A free market means the government gives no special favors to big business which will help the common man quite a bit as there will be no corporate welfare and there will be freedom of entry into any area of business and absence of special privileges by the government.

    Regarding Katrina, people should have the responsibility of knowing where they live. That is why people pay flood insurance if they live in a high flood zone. Why should I be forced to pay for people who choose to live in such a zone.

    Second, he is not against private contributions to helping Katrina. Millions of dollars were raised for 911, so millions would be raised for Katrina, particularly if the federal government didn’t take the money from us in the first place.

  12. re: Power to the Voices!

    It’s gun rights, hello! Anybody who believes handguns should be banned does not have a basic understand of our founding document… It’s that simple. Kucinich doesn’t get it….. Paul does. Study Jefferson and you’ll understand why free markets democratize wealth…. Sure the Industrial Revolution had a concentrating effect but the Digital Revolution has reversed that…. Getting a website these days is as cheap and easy as the homesteading of yore….. If you are willing to brave the frontier, you can become successful in the “New West”….. And I would also mention…. The free market has a bad name these days because we associate it with the state-sponsored corporatism that we know and hate…. But that’s not really free market, that’s corporate welfare – meaning, the same ideological basis of theft via taxation to punish or reward behavior that goes into social programs is allowing these corporations to run amok! Government is NOT the solution, Government is the PROBLEM. Kucinich wants to regulate things….. regulation = control…… Paul wants us to be free to organize as necessary at the most local level possible because it is more directly accountable and that brings me to my final point, which is that none of this renewed Federalism prevents states, cities, and private organizations from forming schools, business and neighborhood associations, labor unions, health unions, consumer unions, or any other type of voluntary association. THIS MEANS WE REGAIN THE POWER AND THE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES THAT WE HAVE LOST TO FEDERAL RULE. Sorry for the all caps but it’s so simple and obvious sometimes I just get frustrated. They’ve kept us in “chains” for so long that we don’t even recognize true freedom anymore, and it’s just sad…….. Kucinich would simply use power in a different way, but he would still use power……. We are not meant as free people to be subject to such a power….. That’s not what freedom is…… What is so difficult to understand? Yet only Ron Paul seems to get it……..

  13. Did you actually doubt that Russert would try to throw Dr. Paul under the bus in his seemingly polite way? I’m glad Dr. Paul is more patient with these ass-clowns than I am.

  14. I was groovin’ on the whole foreign policy thing, (right on ron!) I’m also suspicious of the civil war, which was not about slaves, contrary to belief (I’d bet Ron is nostalgic for the revolutionary war tho, when that one was likely an unnecessary fraud as well).

    But the whole facade of trustworthy ‘straight talk’ falls apart when they get to the civil rights act– I suspect Ron Paul is a racist, and that’s a truly bad place to be starting your domestic policy.

    Notice not a word about his environmental policy– I suspect that is his biggest rotting skeleton of all. Allusions to big business and soft fascism sound like buzzwords to lure the left (Certainly seemed to work on my former favorite sexiest brain of all time, naomi wolf).

    I don’t think you can attack the power of big business while espousing the philosophy of de-regulated free-market ‘freedom’ upon which it’s based. It’s absurd, he’d have to lay out the entire equation how that’s done. Espouse one, you get eventually the other, why start the game over if it’s goin’ down the same track?

    But there’s a real red flag there, folks, and Russert’s writers were right on: Listen to the part about resisting the bail-out of New Orleans from Katrina vs. his sliming funding for his own district. It’s not that he feels districts don’t deserve the money, it’s that he doesn’t apparently like poor non-white people. It was the feds who failed to fix the levies, not the people’s fault for living there and trusting it was safe. The fed owes those citizens every consideration for the fed’s failure. For Paul to fight that idea is just too deranged to ignore.

    If he can finally break up the cabal of the red-state right, well perhaps that helps somehow,.

    But I still don’t get at all how Kucinich, with all his similar and better foreign policy points, and with a domestic and imigration policy that is so infinitely wiser, and who actually legislates for justice against the very people in power about whom paul here rants (rather than derailing justice as paul did)– I just don’t get how these people are not more active for Dennis.

  15. Dandi.
    I have lost all Respect for Tim Russert.
    No-One can sound byte a Corrupt System,
    15 ?minutes, get real.
    Big Government ?, has everyone forgotten the Department of Homeland Security ?

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