The Nation: Time For Progressives To Rise Up

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by the editors of The Nation
Dec. 25, 2007

The Nation: Movement’s Potential Can Be Realized, No Matter Who Democrats Nominate

It has been more than a year since the first group of Democratic hopefuls announced their candidacy for president of the United States. Seventeen debates or forums have been staged, and more than $150 million has been spent on advertising, polling and other campaign expenses. Pundits have pronounced their conventional wisdom, so easily reversed, on who is most “electable,” “presidential” or “inevitable.”

What is needed most now is not a candidate but a movement to surround that candidate, to brace his or her resolve, to press for the best platform and to hold him or her accountable for implementing it if elected. For this reason, we choose not to endorse a candidate for president at this time but rather to call for the rise of a broadly based small-d democratic movement, as only such a movement can create the space necessary to realize this moment’s full potential. Nonetheless, we see differences among the candidates that reflect their relative willingness and ability to foster this movement and advance its agenda.

In his stands on the issues, Dennis Kucinich comes closest to embodying the ideals of this magazine. He has been a forceful critic of the Bush administration, opposing the Patriot Act and spearheading the motion to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. He is the only candidate to have voted against the Iraq War in 2003 and has voted against funding it ever since. Of all the serious candidates, only he and Governor Bill Richardson propose a full and immediate withdrawal from Iraq. And only Kucinich’s plan sets aside funds for reparations. Moreover, Kucinich has used his presidential campaigns to champion issues like cutting the military budget and abolishing nuclear weapons; universal, single-payer healthcare; campaign finance reform; same-sex marriage and an end to the death penalty and the war on drugs. A vote for him would be a principled one.


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2 thoughts on “The Nation: Time For Progressives To Rise Up

  1. How pathetic. Everyone knows that Ron Paul was the only candidate that came out and openly voiced his opinion against all of the things that the rest of the BS political world now wants to use.

    Stop following people and start looking for answers to your questions through research. Or, you will simply just find another road to get you where the rest of these criminals want us to go.

    Kucinich is a good guy, but what has he really accomplished?

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m voting for Kucinich as well. His policies on literally every issue are so far and above the rest. I even sent a contribution, something I have never done before for any candidate.

    I hope he makes a bigger point of the environment. I think that is where he really stands to gain big time. The environmental issues we face today have the potential to cause global civilizational collapse and even possibly human extinction. This is our number one issue. And, it is an issue on which he is far better than the rest.

    I also like him on other issues though, particularly health care. It’s time to have our health services provided without profit incentive. We are 5% of the worlds population and take 56% of the world’s medication. This can’t be good. We watch the ads. We convince ourselves that our normal state, which is probably healthy, needs medication. We go to our doctors who dutifully provide it, or at least provide it for the insured among us. We are becoming (have already become?) a nation of overmedicated fools.

    Yes. Vote Kucinich for these and many other reasons.

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