Do You HATE Government? A 10-Step Program for Libertarians by Bob Maschi

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by Bob Maschi
November 14, 2007

The modern conservative movement is based on bashing government (no matter how lenient they are on the current, incompetent administration). Many libertarians even suggest that government should be completely abolished. If you think that all of your tax money is wasted (not just that portion being sent to Iraq), then here are some suggestions on how you can live without the benefits, or interference, of government.

1 Stop using money. Money is printed and minted by the government. Even if you only use charge cards, the transactions are based on the government’s money supply. Go back to the barter system – demand that your employer or clients pay you in chickens and goats. Then demand that your creditors take chicken and goats as payment.

2 Stop using the government’s roads. This includes bridges, highways and residential streets and all the traffic lights and street signs involved. Even if they weren’t built by government, most are maintained by government. And you might as well hand in your government-issued driver’s license.

3 Get off the Do Not Call List (one of the most consumer-friendly things the government has done in recent years). Then, try to figure out how you’re going to get anything done while being bumblasted by telemarketing calls from New Delhi.

4 Stop using the nation’s banking system. While banks aren’t directly owned by the government, government regulations keep them viable and safe. For example, your funds in banks are FEDERALLY insured, meaning that our government guarantees that your bank accounts are safe. Stick your money under the mattress or in a coffee can buried in the back yard (which is what people used to do during the depression, before the government guaranteed bank funds). And, for the record, the current mortgage mess wasn’t caused by too much government interference, but by too little. Well, that and greedy, bloodsucking lenders.

5 Stop using government-supplied water. Yes, most of America gets its water through reservoirs, wells and pipes installed and maintained by the government. No more showers, washing machines or dishwashers. Use cans of cola to flush your toilets and buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. It’s doubly unfair for you to take advantage of the water supply since government is also usually responsible for treating and disposing of waste water.

6 Car get stolen? Is someone breaking into your bedroom? Is your home on fire? Are you suffering a massive heart attack? Don’t dial 911. Police and fire departments, as well as the 911 emergency systems, are paid for with tax dollars.

7 America’s public schools ensure that all children have the opportunity to be educated (rather than just those who can afford it). State-run and affordable university systems allow many of those students to further advance their educations and careers. So, stop taking advantage of these systems. Don’t go there or don’t send your kids there. Also, don’t employ, work for or work with, anyone educated at public expense.

8 America’s first public library was begun with donations from Benjamin Franklin. Local libraries allow residents to study and enjoy a wide array of books, newspapers, tapes, movies and even computers. All at little or no cost. Actually, forget this one. If you don’t believe in government, you probably don’t spend much time in libraries anyway.

9 Stop using the postal service. Mail your bill payments and other letters through UPS, FedEx or some other private company. Guaranteed, it’ll cost a lot more than the price of a first-class stamp – and it won’t be handled any more efficiently.

10 Stop taking lunch breaks and coffee breaks and give up your overtime pay. For most workers, these aren’t gifts from employers. They are federally mandated.

There are many more things that you can do to distance yourself from the evils of government. But the above are excellent starts and give you the ability to defend yourself against those biting charges of hypocrisy.

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7 thoughts on “Do You HATE Government? A 10-Step Program for Libertarians by Bob Maschi

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  2. Every one makes valid comments and to each his own i say, but what the self conscious reveals to you is always truth, we are all enslaved by insanely power driven corporations who make wars to produce more money, history always repeats itself although i believe our fore fathers were absolutely brilliant and a hundred more times aware of the world and life it self, for they created our beautiful Constitution we must take a step back and look at our false government who slaughters thousands upon thousands of not only americans but innocent lives all around for the Private banks to line there own pockets, and wraps a pretty bow around it with the government issued abilities and uses you wrote above, that will never be justified, So i say come and kill me id love that it would only prove my point, you are an abomination to what our NATION and constitution once stood for, and one to Freedom, we the citizens will rise against you, take you down and restore the government, all before you even have a chance to give all of us to the New World Order, to be enslaved to the ELITES as they call themselves who,s one goal above all others is to Depopulate the world by 80% so that they can have control of all money, resources and to reshape the planet as we know it, I pledge that i will happily die for my country and all free peoples of the world, WE ARE THE LAST BASTION OF HOPE FOR AL OF THE HUMAN RACE, We are tired of you Poisoning our water with Flouride which causes too many diseases and illness to name One major one being Cancer, We are tired of you taking our tax money 80% of it and using it to fuel wars and to enforce foreign policys, which in turn start more war, We are tired of you not representing what is best for the People, and our interests, We are tired of you betraying us, killing us, and enslaving us with this absolutely worthless paper you call money, the only currency, that has ever held physical value was Gold, and Silver, now tell me why in 1942 you could trade your dollar in for 1/4 grams of gold, and now all of our gold is under Israels Control?, i have so many points to make but here is the last one you have brainwashed the youth under the government education, we have the lowest value of education in the world, you have transformed our text books to misinform our youth, and control them to believe your lies, You spray Poisons such as GWI Gulf war illness, among many others, through chemtrails left in the sky, through your private planes, you have prepared to slaughter us like cattle through your FEMA deathcamps which i have seen with my own eyes, that have thousands upon thousands of plastic black coffins ready to put us the civilians in, Under marshal law which can be enforced at any time by the stroke of a presidential pen, you have destroyed hundreds of nations under your LAW not there’s, We will not submit, we will win, and we will have our freedom, our constitution which has been utterly destroyed by you, will be fully restored, The most beautiful thing about the 2nd amendment is that it will never have to be used or exercised unless the government tries to take it away, our right to bear arms against tyranny i might add such as the U.S. government and its federal BS and the New World Order, Good day everyone and find your peace and prosperity through yourself for that is the only entity that exists, that can successfully do so, open your self conscious and find your self in a state of serenity and tranquility not the government they can never bring these things to any one person, only trap them and undermine there existence to there own corrupted benefit I know the truth open your eyes and mind enough do your research and youll know as well, Thank you for your time………..

  3. Actually the Federal Government especially the Republicans want to replace the Federal Income Tax with a National Sales Tax which would be much worse since it would dramatically increase the price of all retail goods and services.

    The author is wrong about the government printing our money. The privately owned Federal Reserve prints the money and then loans the money and charges interest on it.

    The conservative movement isn’t against government. They’re against democratic government and government promoting the general welfare of the people. Conservatives have no problem though with empire building, building a police state, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate welfare, government sponsored religion(Christianity) and persecution of minority groups(blacks, muslims, mexicans, homosexuals, socialists, progressives, communists, jews, atheists, etc.

  4. Did it ever occur to you that the reason we hate government might be precisely because of these circumstances it has us trapped in?

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  6. The government , while I waste little time in hating it, HAS Taken moe from me than it has given, and ight now it lies a lot.Keep your money, and your roads, and you rpublic schools.I am a native Amercan, and you government is built upon lies and the blood of my dead family members.Go learn to feed yourself,without buying and selling the land, or
    being bought and sold, then break ground and plant a seed, or hunt, and learn how to deal with your own shit without flushing it in the river, and how to be honest, and keep ypou treaties and your word,then come and talk to me about government .I am not a libertarian, I AM A PERSON OF CONSCIENCE WHO BELIEVES THAT WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, and that adults who are truly adults do not need to be governed, Goddess bless us every one.

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